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Message 1109 - Posted 21 Nov 2005 8:18:30 UTC

    Last modified: 21 Nov 2005 8:18:48 UTC

    When I get an e-mail from the forums usually to say there is a reply to a topic it pops up on my msn as from sender - www.data is it possible to change the sender name so that it would say SZTAKI so I know where it has come from without me having to go into my email to read the message.

    A few BOINC projects do this and don't send out who it is from until you go into the email.

    For example when a message comes from SETI I know it is them as it pops up as BOINC Admin so it would be great to see this one say SZTAKI Admin

    Also I think the project description could do with been rewritten to dumb it down a bit, I was just rereading it and although I do understand it, I think it may scare some people off, so something easier to read at the top of the page about the project would be great. The technical stuff could stay there but lets have an easier version of it at the top to entice more people to come over and join.

    It doesnt say what the project is working towards and how this work helps in the world.

    What does anyone else think??

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