"when is next week"?

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Profile [B^S] Doug Worrall
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Joined: Sep 9 05
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Message 1152 - Posted 5 Dec 2005 20:10:47 UTC

    It is next week ,yet,Boinc does not recognise
    http://szdg.lpds.sztaki.hu/szdg ? when will we
    be trying,?Tuesday Dec. 6 or 7th or 8th???
    I like sxtaki,and want to crunch.A.S.A.P.
    it gets 25% of my resources.Did not get an xtra
    400 Ram for Nothing.LOLLooking forward to a W/U.
    Doug Worrall

    Richard Maths 1
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    Joined: Aug 16 05
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    Message 1154 - Posted 6 Dec 2005 3:36:44 UTC

      As I type this, there are 174 WU's to be returned. I am guessing that when those are returned, Adam will do the update to 5.x.

      The due date on the last one I did was 12/6 and there may be some others with a later due date. So maybe a couple of more days until those WU's are returned??

      Adam is being real careful in updating and this may be just another way of being "safe".

      Adam did say that there probably would not be anymore WU's over the weekend (and this has been true. And here is a quote
      Adam:"cause I want everything to be smooth next week"

      In the meantime, Climate is getting some time with my computer. Usually it is out in the cold (pun intended), because it does not get much time from me since I have one year to complete one of those WU's. ;-)


      Profile Brozilla
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      Message 1163 - Posted 8 Dec 2005 0:01:06 UTC

        No Rush, plenty of work from other projects, but I have to ask. How long can 2 WU's take.....

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        Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : "when is next week"?

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