\"any one getting results\"?

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Profile [B^S] Doug Worrall
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Joined: Sep 9 05
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Message 1178 - Posted 9 Dec 2005 1:30:15 UTC

    Hello Gang,
    How goes it?Myself received 1 w/u and was Fubared.Now
    all there is as No work from this venue.Using 5.2.13
    {newest version}hope all these Boinc versions doesnot
    create havoc,assides from normal failures.
    Has anyone sucessfully that just got back on-line
    {today}turned in a successful w/u?Or receiving work?
    Thank you all for your imput.
    Douglas Edward Worrall

    Profile Paul D. Buck
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    Joined: Jul 20 05
    Posts: 35
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    Message 1180 - Posted 9 Dec 2005 8:45:18 UTC

      I just forced an update on one computer and got 4 work units downloaded.

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      Joined: Jul 12 05
      Posts: 22
      Credit: 98,383
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      Message 1213 - Posted 10 Dec 2005 1:21:21 UTC

        Success here on 1 of 3 hosts so far.

        The other 2 had problems mentioned in other threads.
        Reached 500 wu limit, but no wu sent or received:

        Not an error, but 0 cpu time complete. Blink of an eye.

        Some upgrade work left to do. But on the right track!
        It\'s good to be back here.

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        Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : \"any one getting results\"?

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