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Message 1349 - Posted 16 Dec 2005 2:52:30 UTC

    Today I decided to increase the share for Sztaki on my three computers. One uses HOME, another uses WORK, and the third one uses SCHOOL to set share preferences. When I did the changes, nothing took effect on those computers after updating to the site. So I tried a change in the default section. Afer updating all three computers, they each showed the share that I had put into the default. I have checked that each computer is set up correctly on my account to receive shares according to School, Work, or Home.

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    Message 1366 - Posted 17 Dec 2005 21:11:04 UTC

      This problem may be connected to yours since the upgrade to things go ok on my computer for a while and then I get the message \'new host venue\' followed by 2 3digit numbers seperated by a dot.

      This only goes back to normal if I detatch the project and re-attatch it but after a while it happens again but doing this loses my work in progress.

      If the same has happened to yours then changing the preferences will not make any difference as the venue of the computer is not Work, Home, or School but a weird number instead.

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