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Message 9215 - Posted 24 Jan 2015 18:24:49 UTC

    Hello everyone!
    I made a small guide about making processor less busy during calculations. We can use save temperature, have more power for other tasks etc. I saw that SZTAKI running with very high performance and on my overclocked computer temperature was too high - so I tried to fix it and this is explanation.

    In some cases we want to save processor time and running program all the time in limited performance. Native option “CPU Usage” from 10-100% doesn’t mean that running program will use similar percentage of the CPU/GPU speed. The differences it’s about time of running program which is limited, for example when we choose 10% of CPU, program will 1 second run and 9 seconds idle. I found a solution how to force processor time to use maximum 75% of performance computer (not 99% as native). My short test showed that’s it’s must better option than showing in program’s settings.

      1. Run “Task manager” for example by clicking in right button on taskbar

      2. Find on tab “Process list” process responsible of BOINC calculations, click rights button on it and choose “set the affinity”.

      3. For each process choose same processor core(if you have 4 cores, you have to change option 4 times).

      4. You may also limit process priority to low.
      5. Voila!

    Effects(set 100% usage):

    For example before was like that(set to 50% usage of program):

    If you choose option higher than 50% u will see the processor line on 99% longer..

    Feel free if you have some questions :)

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    Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : [GUIDE] Make SZTAKI project lower processor usage

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