Zeta_1.01_windows_intelx86 will not snooze

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Zeta_1.01_windows_intelx86 will not snooze

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Message 9216 - Posted 15 Feb 2015 7:25:04 UTC

    Using the snooze option in BOINC manager, all Zeta apps continue to run. The only way to suspend them is to completely kill BOINC.

    BOINC v7.4.36 (x64)
    Windows Server 2012R2

    Dr. Simon Gergely
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    Message 9222 - Posted 1 Mar 2015 20:16:49 UTC - in response to Message 9216.

      I think, they are working to solve this problem. I have also told, that there are problems when I try to suspend my machine. The applications crash and you can read in the message box of boinc client that if this happens often, you should restart your machine, etc.
      There are also problems, when you are using less than 100 % of your cpu time etc. Somebody can not run this project in linux, because he need cpu resources and has to limit boinc, but it crashes.
      They know this and in the "Hungary, Magyarok ide" (Hungary: hungarian, come here" topic we talked about these problems. There is no solution but don't loose your hope:-). We also are vaiting for this.
      When you would like to use an application whic is using your machine continuously, you should kill boinc. For example if you'd like to write a dvd or use audacity...
      For more information, please visit the "Sztaki desktop grid"/"Hungary, Magyarok, ide!" topic, and do not use google translator, because the result is not so good, instead of that, ask somebody to help you translating our chat:-).
      Have a nice day!

      Dr. Simon Gergely

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      Questions and Answers : Windows : Zeta_1.01_windows_intelx86 will not snooze

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