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Message 2198 - Posted 10 Mar 2006 1:20:37 UTC

    Last modified: 10 Mar 2006 1:22:38 UTC

    I\'m getting a lot of ghost WUs lately, nearly 1/3rd of the WUs I get assigned never arrive.

    It might be caused by the current server version 503 as I have the same problem with Pirates - but other 503 projects don\'t show this effect.

    The client says \"No schedulers responded\" but the sched_reply file seems to update, two facts that should not occur together. It might be a timing problem, slow scheduler or something like that.

    I\'m still using CC 4.19 but as it does not happen on most other projects, I doubt that it\'s a client version issue.

    Any ideas? (\"Update your client\" is currently not an option)

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    Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Lots of ghost WUs

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