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Message 2927 - Posted 5 Jun 2006 19:50:44 UTC

    Last modified: 6 Jun 2006 20:21:08 UTC - Currently Unavailable
    As of approximately 16:00 on 4th June 06, the new server hosting MundayWeb and its domains failed. The server is currently being rebuilt and should be back sometime on the 5th June.

    Apologies on behalf of my web host for the downtime.

    Neil Munday.

    On Seti board :

    Update by Dominic (director of Thermal Degree, the hosting company): The array was rebuilt and is now running a consistency check. The RAID controller has been replaced as well as one drive from the RAID10 array. Normally we would let the server rebuild its array in the background however this was a brand new server so we\'re investigating fully before we begin to load it with more clients. Additionally, there is some corruption present but this should be resolved with the consistency check and a final fsck.

    All I can do is apologise because this is definitely not our normal service and we have never experienced downtime like this before. We\'re doing the best we can and have pointed Mundayweb to this temporary location for now, as we do with all websites if their server experiences any problems (which for what it\'s worth has happened just once in our time!)

    Another update: consistency check is 80% complete. Ho hum. ETA 5hrs? Dom


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    Message boards : DesktopGrid Kávézó : is temporarily down

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