No schudulers responded?

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Questions and Answers : Be?ll?t?sok : No schudulers responded?

Jina Corona
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Message 431 - Posted 2 Aug 2005 3:40:47 UTC

    I updated project at home and got a new WU(9AM in Taiwan)

    but when I update the project at work...(10AM in Taiwan)

    >>No schudulers responded

    What's going on..?

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    Message 555 - Posted 5 Aug 2005 21:56:41 UTC

      Don't have a clue about it. Please check that your computer at your work is trying to connect to the right place, which is and NOT http://casca.... which is wrong. If this is the case, just simply reattach to the project with the correct URL.
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      Questions and Answers : Be?ll?t?sok : No schudulers responded?

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