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Message 3058 - Posted 17 Jun 2006 17:00:36 UTC

    Dear project leader,
    we would like to invite you and your coworkers to contribute an article concerning your distributed computing project Sztaki Desktop Grid. We have to apologize to post this invitation in a public forum, but in this case we could not find out the appropriate email address of the project leader of this project.

    During the second half of this year, the German distributed computing association e.V. will release a book concerning distributed & grid computing.

    This book will be published in full color by the German science publisher Tectum. It will be distributed worldwide (including ISBN number, Amazon availability, etc.) and some copies will be placed in major libraries for free public access. There are no page charges, no general page number limitations (within a reasonable range) and full color illustrations are welcome. One copy of the book will be sent to the corresponding author of each of the articles contributed to this book free of cost. The general article submission deadline is set to august, 31st (2006) but, in exceptional cases, might be adapted for individual authors experiencing problems with this schedule.

    We are currently inviting around 30 authors to contribute articles to this book. Many of the leading distributed computing project developers have already agreed to contribute an article and we would be very happy to welcome you among the authors of this book, too.

    The authors are encouraged to describe and (colorfully where appropriate) illustrate the purpose and scientific background of their project in a detailed way such that non-specialists can follow with the help of a glossary of scientific terms that will be included in the appendix of this publication. Each article should contain a literature reference section as is required for typical publications in scientific journals (please cite in J. Mol. Biol. style).
    In addition to the project developers we are also inviting some authors from several of the world\'s leading distributed computing teams to describe their motivation and to present detailed technical solutions for a number of special problems (e.g. diskless client setup / operation, cluster configuration, illustration of some of their \"monster racks\", etc.).
    There will be an introductory section which describes the general principles of distributed computing / grid technologies such that basic aspects like client-server communication, etc. are not required to be described in each of the project-associated articles.

    Our goal is to assemble a broad overview over this highly popular and rapidly developing field in order to present a good mixture of information that will encourage additional people to participate in or even develop new distributed & grid computing projects.

    Please let me know, if you are interested in contributing an article to this book and email me for further details under the email address given below.

    Best regards,

    - - - - - - - - - -
    Michael H.W. Weber
    Chairman & Scientific Advisor of e.V. e.V. - Verein zur F??rderung von Bildung, Forschung und Wissenschaft durch Einsatz vernetzter Computer
    Am Richtsberg 88/208
    D-35039 Marburg

    email: weberm AT

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