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Message 3569 - Posted 16 Jul 2006 1:04:34 UTC

    Last modified: 16 Jul 2006 1:06:08 UTC

    Wouldn\'t it be better to place all this array stuff in an aligned struct and write that out to a binary file with fixed length records?

    That would save quite a lot of parsing and converting from / to string, on client side as well as on server side.

    If needed, there could be a separate standalone converter, that dumps those binary files into a readable text file.

    If you consider to implement it, don\'t forget that you might have to swab() the numbers on some non-Intel systems to the required big/little endian order.

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    Message 3582 - Posted 17 Jul 2006 14:42:59 UTC - in response to Message 3569.

      Nice, but I don\'t think that considerable ammount of CPU time is wasted during string conversion...we\'ll consider it, anyways!
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