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Mark Reiss
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Message 3849 - Posted 21 Aug 2006 21:47:24 UTC

    I have already canncelled 2 wu for a loss of over 107 hours and 1,200 points. I am now running a 3rd wu started on or after the message of 8/8 sayingv the long wu had been deleted and new shorter ones are available. This wu is currenly at 49:26:36 for 18.80%. I am getting very fed up with this project. I am afraid that if I let this wu complete - I will not get credit for it, for some reason.

    Thank You -- Mark Reiss

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    Message 3850 - Posted 21 Aug 2006 23:35:06 UTC

      Last modified: 22 Aug 2006 0:01:46 UTC

      The message of 16/08 says that long wus can be cancelled (by you)
      The message of 7/08 says that the unsent wus have been cancelled but your third wu (wuid=38400) is not an unsent wu, it has been already sent 3 times (25/07).
      I see also that for now, nobody has reported a result.
      This (long) wu doesn\'t seem very encouraging. :(


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