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Alf da Dinnamint
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Message 3887 - Posted 27 Aug 2006 2:41:38 UTC

    I think the home page says it all:

    Active hosts in last 24 hours: 9864
    Workunits processed in last 48 hours: 11

    Eleven work units???

    I\'ve been trying for a few days, but I can\'t get credit for a single work unit; see here.

    I have two hosts, one running linux, one running Windows.

    The server has twice created a new host for the windows box which I\'ve then merged.

    I\'ve had to manually get rid of the long WUs.

    All the results that complete successfully on the linux box end up with error code 161 (eg. this one).

    I have some of results that got accepted as successful (eg. in this wu). But because of the initial replication of 3 and max error/total/success of 4,5,4 they won\'t get any credit anyway. *Everybody* is having the same problems, and the wu errors out.

    This isn\'t a rant, I\'m just pointing out what\'s going on. I\'m sure you know this already, but I think drastic action needs to be taken to fix this project. I\'ll check back in a couple of months to see how things are going. Good luck with it, it\'s a worthy project!

    Profile [AF>France>TDM>Centre]Jeannot Le Tazon
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    Message 3890 - Posted 27 Aug 2006 8:42:17 UTC - in response to Message 3887.

      Last modified: 27 Aug 2006 8:42:55 UTC

      Adam\'s not here and
      can\'t answer
      I\'ve got pbs too.
      just be patient. ;)

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      Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : This project needs to be rescued

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