bug in the reporting / host management functions?

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Message 6045 - Posted 7 Apr 2007 21:40:57 UTC

    My account shows User Ironheart
    with Total credit 177.59
    and two hosts which are actually the same machine:
    267105 and 254849 (a renaming occurred for internal networking purposes).
    All attempts to merge the old name host computer into the new name host computer via the merge computers function on SZTAKI have been futile, because no hosts show up there at all.
    Even more mysterious is the new number system mathematics occurring which shows host 254849 as having earned credit of 213.57 a variance of 35.98 in excess of the user account to whom the host belongs (or rather the user account is 35.98 short of the credits earned by one of its two hosts).
    It may seem like an insignificant detail, but it makes me wonder regarding the programming related to the project \"per se\".

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    Message 6166 - Posted 2 May 2007 5:14:26 UTC

      Last modified: 2 May 2007 5:21:01 UTC

      Looks like a BOINC bug, not SZTAKI.

      You did not only change the network name, you seem to have changed
      the BOINC version too.

      The server side does not recognize that the two CPUs are identical,
      that\'s why it doesn\'t offer to merge them.

      A little trick would allow get rid of the additional entry I guess.
      You could :

      - stop BOINC
      - edit client_state.xml (NotePad, vi, UltraEdit ... but not Wordpad or so)
      - search for \"<hostid>267105</hostid>\"
      - replace the number with \"254849\"
      - save the file
      - restart BOINC

      A server contact (\"Update\") should update the old host entry now,
      you can check that in the \"Last contact\" column in your host list.

      If that is the case, you can delete the host without credits.

      (the credits issue has been fixed already, no help necessary there)

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      Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : bug in the reporting / host management functions?

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