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Joined: Aug 25 05
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Credit: 155,847
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Message 874 - Posted 14 Sep 2005 8:34:50 UTC

    I have noticed my pending credit rising quickly the last few days.

    It used to be around 3000 but now it's nearer 7000 and rising fast.

    Is there something slowing down in the system or is it just folks with late results.
    I did notice quite a few results well past the deadlines with only 2 returns.


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    Joined: May 25 05
    Posts: 589
    Credit: 38,614
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    Message 875 - Posted 14 Sep 2005 11:15:48 UTC

      Thanks for the notice, I'm in quite a big hurry now (see my blog) and forgot to restart it...
      If you like BOINC, you may also find CaretCursor to be appealing.

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