I can't see an english translation of this site.

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Questions and Answers : Be?ll?t?sok : I can't see an english translation of this site.

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Message 900 - Posted 21 Sep 2005 13:11:46 UTC

    Hello, I'm from Italy and I have successfully registered on this project; my boinc clients have downloaded workunits and they're working on them now.
    But here, on this website, I can't understand a single word !!! I don't everstand what language is (hungarian, perhaps?). At least in the project/science topics, couldn't you add an english translation ? think how many people there are from all the world who would like to understand something about the project... with all respect to your language... thanks

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    Message 903 - Posted 21 Sep 2005 23:18:17 UTC

      The translation is in progress, just moving slowly (and the project staff is off in the US at the moment). The home page and some others, not very many, are now available in English - one thing others have pointed out, if the "primary" language set on your computer is English, you'll see the English - but if it's anything else, you'll still see Hungarian. I don't know that this _is_ solvable, short of having an Italian version!

      I've been able to find my way around mostly because a) they're using the standard BOINC system, so everything is in "about" the same place as on other projects, and b) the URLs are in English, so I can put my mouse over a link and see where it's going to go...

      Then again, when I started to answer this, I hit something - I think I told it I had the same question...

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      Message 921 - Posted 30 Sep 2005 3:41:22 UTC

        Bill: Thanks for answering this...
        If you like BOINC, you may also find CaretCursor to be appealing.

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        Questions and Answers : Be?ll?t?sok : I can't see an english translation of this site.

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