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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 3979)
Posted 4294 days ago by AlphaLaser
...All of you has received your claimed credits, ...
Really ? I claimed more than 800, I got less than 80. ;-(
Doesn\'t matter...

Same here, average claimed credit from my WU was at around 500 but granted was only 100...oh well.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Can Anyone Answer Questions/Problems Here? (Message 3913)
Posted 4307 days ago by AlphaLaser
I also have a problem with the high error rates and low # of max results. See this WU. This is the first wu I\'ve managed to finish. However two hosts have returned errors and if the next one also errors out it seems that 105 hours of work will be lost. :(

Just browsing randomly through other WU\'s with slightly different ID (example #39121, #39122, #39123, #39124) it seems that a very, very large number of WU\'s are suffering this problem. Not fair to the people who are managing to return results on time...

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