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Posted 4202 days ago by Bill
FACT: I\'m 13hrs.(+) into a \"50 minute\" WU and still only 20% done.

CONJECTURE: At 20% completed, the time estimate has had a chance to settle out and get reasonably close to accurate. If it takes over 13 hours to crunch 20% of a project, then it is reasonable to conclude that it will take 65(+) hours to complete it. However, 20% (and 13hrs) into a 50 minute WU, I show 11hrs remaining.

FACT: I currently have 13 such \"50 minute\" projects lined up.

CONJECTURE: At the current rate, this represents, potentially, at least 845 hours of computing time.

FACT: Today is 09-16-06. All of these are due 10-12-06.

CONJECTURE: Perhaps someone else would arrive at a different conclusion when doing the math, but my calculations show only about 552 hours between now and the deadline.

I don\'t care to accept work knowing that it is doomed to failure. That doesn\'t give me much to look forward to.

I will complete the current WU\'s up until 10-12-06 but am not accepting additional work units. At that point, I will reconsider my involvement in this project. If, by some fluke, I should happen to finish up ALL the assigned WU\'s on time, I will accept additional WU\'s. If not, then I will detach from SZTAKI.

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Posted 4204 days ago by Bill
Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I gots work to do!!!! Yeah ... that\'s what I\'m talking about!

I\'ve noticed that both the CPU time consumed and the time remaining are incrementing. I doubt if it matters (I noticed this earlier on another WU for another project, too, and it eventually finished) but just passing this along as a possible \'heads-up\' while Adam has the hood open for the other issue mentioned below.

Just happy to be doing what I came here to do ... work.

AT age 54, I developed allergies for the first time this spring. I had no clue waht was going on because in January I had pneumonia then, in February, Legionairres disease. In March, pollen allergies that looked very much like the pneumonia and legionella took me by surprise. You have my sympathies ... but I\'m hanging on to my decongestant for dear life.

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Posted 4205 days ago by Bill
I dumped SETI because I think that this project has a much better chance of producing useful results but I have been waiting 3 days for my first WU. Would it be possible to bring SOME of the servers back up (serving the smaller WU\'s) for new requests while the older results trickle in from what, apparently, are unattended computers?

Altruism is only useful to me if it produces concrete results. I\'ve completed several WU\'s for the Einstein project. When can I begin work for Sztaki?

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