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Posted 4029 days ago by larry1186
About news, where are the old news ?

Click and hold the mouse anywhere on that page (just not on a link), then say \"abrakadabra\", then drag the mouse down. :) Ta-Da! White text on white background - only links and other colored text show up otherwise, looks odd.
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Posted 4042 days ago by larry1186
Change your name, it\'s annoying to see your life story in the forum thread list. Save it for your sig if you feel compelled to preach.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : why is WU 10524 not shown in my PENDING CREDIT (Message 5594)
Posted 4064 days ago by larry1186
But, I still don\'t understand why it isn\'t in the PENDING - let alone why it hasn\'t validated already.

I did some checking on my Results page and Pending page and found the following:

Ten results are shown in my Pending list (and shown as pending in Results list) - all are \"initial\"

Nine results are NOT shown in my Pending list but are shown as pending in my Results list - all are \"checked but no consensus\"

I (hastily) conclude that once a WU reaches quorum, it is removed from the Pending lists, even though it may still be pending. -OR- The pending list shows only the WUs that are still \"initial\" and have not been checked. (I realize that both statements are saying basically the same thing) Any evidence to disprove this conclusion is welcome.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : When will I get credit for these W.U.\'s? (Message 5593)
Posted 4064 days ago by larry1186
Hi all: I have 7 results showing under results for a total of 1,503.06 but only 4 are under pending credit for a total of 814.40. Will I ever get credit for these 7 W.U.\'s listed below.

For starters, WUs # 1, 2, 4, and 5 in your list are \"validate state: initial\" meaning they have not been checked yet since a quorum is not met (on # 2, you are the only one who returned a successful result). Once the quorum is met (3 successful {but not necessarily valid/correct} results sent back, this number is different for each project), the results get checked against each other. If the results agree, credit is granted. If the results don\'t agree, as in the case for WUs # 3, 6, and 7, the results are labeled as \"checked but no consensus\" and the WU is issued one more time. It is kinda goofy why some WUs show up in your Pending list and others don\'t. But to answer your question \"Will I ever get credit...? Maybe, time will tell, but at least there are only 2 possible outcomes:

1. You will get credit, or
2. You will not get credit because the WU reached \"too many error/successful/total results\" or you result was found to be invalid.

Don\'t worry about it too much, I have results from the beginning of October 2006, and other users have older ones than that.

Stats images go in your signature, not your message. You set that in your forum preferences at the bottom.
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Thread \'special MacOs - MacOsX - hints\' (Message 5587)
Posted 4065 days ago by larry1186
That G4/400 finally submitted its result this weekend, having crunched for just over 744 hours—for which it received 129 credits, less than a tenth of what it claimed.

And some other host with an invalid result received more credit than you with your valid one - bummer. Congrats on sticking with it though.

[edit]fixed link[/edit]
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How to crunch Sztaki easier, tips and hints... (Message 5556)
Posted 4069 days ago by larry1186
Here are some tips that a user can do to give their WUs the best chance for valid results:

  • Set general prefs Leave applications in memory while preempted? to YES.
  • Do not exit BOINC if possible. That means running your hosts 24/7 and, sorry, no more daily reboots.
  • If you feel that the % complete is stuck - don\'t worry, just look at CPU time for reassurance that the WU is still going. The % complete is representative of the # of lines completed (e.g. a 5-line WU will jump from 0% to 20% when the first line is complete, then to 40% upon completion of the second line, and so on. A 1-line WU will only jump to 100% complete when it is actually done. Keep in mind that each line will take a totally different amount of time to complete)
  • Ignore the \"To completion\" time, it\'s irrelevant due to the nature of the algorithm used in the application.
  • If you are still nervous about a WU even if the CPU time is still counting, abort it. If you stop BOINC and restart to get the WU going again, the result will be no good and will not validate and you won\'t get credit for it anyway. Although I do encourage you to stay with it (it may take 100+ hours), but if you aren\'t comfortable with it, then don\'t bother. Worst case for staying with it = Max CPU time error.
  • Be patient.
  • Expect to lose some credit due to WUs getting too many success/total/error results. (the too many success or total results happens when hosts produce successful yet invalid results, usually {but not always} by stopping/restarting BOINC. By aborting it produces an error result.)

Hope this helps some people that are feeling a bit uneasy with this project. Happy Crunching!
Please note, these are the views of the author of this post and are in no way representative of the community at SZTAKI

7) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : % (Per cent) is not updated in BOINC (Message 5531)
Posted 4071 days ago by larry1186

Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining the crew!

I\'m having a problem with this project. In BOINC in task tab the progress (%) is on 0%. But the CPU usage is 100%. After 46 minutes of running I suspended the task and started it again and it was on 100%.

The progress(%) not incrementing is not a problem (as stated elsewhere in the forum), and I am sure that the WU was running fine. Unfortunately (don\'t feel bad, you didn\'t know better) when you suspended/resumed the task, it interrupted the WU and caused the dreaded empty output (see your result and you will find \"APP: Output is empty, placing msg in out.txt\"). This is what happens when the empty output occurs too often - too many successful results and no credit granted.

And it writes that \'Ready to report\'. But when will it happen?

BOINC will report the WU the next time it talks to the servers. The version of BOINC (5.4.11) you are using attempts to report WUs in batches, i.e. waits to see if other WUs will be ready to report so only one database query happens for multiple WUs (this reduces the DB load a little). Newer versions of BOINC (5.8.4) (still not public release, use at own risk) report the results as soon as they are uploaded.

My advice is to let the WU run without suspending it, restarting BOINC, or rebooting your computer if at all possible. Also let BOINC decide when to run certain tasks and when to report them (unless you are on dial-up, then you can hit the \"Update\" button in the \"Projects\" tab to report the tasks). This is some friendly advice, you can take it or leave it.

Again, welcome to SZTAKI!
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : when do these wu finish? (Message 5523)
Posted 4072 days ago by larry1186
If I\'m reading this thread correctly, then, as I said, they\'re not stuck--they\'re just in the middle of a certain line and will be updated when that line is finished processing. Can anyone confirm my analysis?

I have never had a WU that was really \"stuck\". Sooner or later they did progress. I would leave yours crunching.

I have had some (maybe one or two) WUs get stuck, but they weren\'t SZTAKI WU. I say they were stuck because the CPU time was not incrementing but yet the status was \"running\". SZTAKI WUs just seem to be stuck since the % complete doesn\'t move for hours upon hours, BUT the CPU time still climbs indicating that it is doing something. Leave them crunching unless the CPU time is not incrementing while the status is set as \"running\".
9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Too Many successes & all report validate skipped due to error (Message 5521)
Posted 4072 days ago by larry1186
WU #56837

This WU has been returned with a SUCCESS result 6 times.
Each of the Successes has Validate skipped for a result.
Credit granted is 0 to all 6 with reason given being too many successful results.

This one should be looked at to see what happened.

Another victim of the \"empty output\" results. Each of the six successfully returned results had the empty output (which could mean that none of them actually finished). It\'s a checkpointing issue that I, as well as others in the forum, have seen numerous times. Unfortunately, the WU is no good and your only hope for getting credit is if Adam manually grants them, which happens from time to time (but not often).

This is nothing new(see here) and has not been fixed yet. My suggestion to avoid this from happening is to let BOINC run without rebooting your computer or exiting BOINC, and setting your preferences to \"leave app in memory while preempted\"

Happy crunching!
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Macs with Intel Processors (Message 5494)
Posted 4075 days ago by larry1186
I\'ve a Macbook Pro, with Intel Core Duo processor. The Desktop Grid doesn\'t support them. When can I join for this project?

Did you read this and this?

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