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Posted 4010 days ago by Namalas

I\'ve just ben reading through the description of the project. There are two questions that interest me:

1) In the project description, there is a fractal set in a two-dimensionsal plane, which is generated with the matrix given above. It seems as if this set is symetrical to a certain point. Is it really and if yes, is it known, which point this is and can we ompute the point from the matrix? I the fractal set of every matrix symmetrical?
Adam, do you know anything about this?

2) If i got it right, we are currently computing the 11th dimension. At least, the 10th dimension is finished aording to the results/archievements page. For the 10th dimension we had to compute around 90.000 matricies. How much are there for dimension 11? And how much do we already have?

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