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Posted 3844 days ago by KAMasud

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Posted 4112 days ago by KAMasud
:-) Have done the same, bing bing and a Bing. :-0
Well to be honest it was misbehaving on a 1.5 GHz Centrino, on the P4 3.06 GHz Presscot it is behaving in a fashion both run windows XP Prof.
On a 1.7 GHz Celron with windows ME it is very very happy? They have both taken to each other like a Duck to water?. Maybe it should be run on back dated hardware and software?

So, on two different days SZTAKI sent wu\'s to my dual cpu computer and within 1 hour all showed up as client bing after the other till they disappeared from sight. ????? so I have put a hold on more work from SZTAKI.

The dual cpu unit has a pair of athlon 1800 mp\'s and 512,000 memory, plenty of hard drive space, XP OS.

Riesel Sieve, RCN, SIMAP and Einstein are running with no problem. ???????

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Posted 4121 days ago by KAMasud
Thats it folks for me too. I am sick and tired of looking at a counter which seems to lie? I will purge all my WU on one of my machines which has been rebooting it self and i will start crunching when i see a visable change in the attitude of people handing out these dude WU\'s.

I still had 15 days to the deadline but it had timed out.
This is the result resultid=69425

Just wasted 174 hrs.
I was letting run because it was making progress, 69% the last time I checked.

When you get things fixed up I\'ll crunch again till then I\'m out here!

4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Something strange... (Message 4615)
Posted 4121 days ago by KAMasud
Is this thread a comedy or a parody? Dont worry i am sailing in the same boats as you chapt to a perfect T.
By the way why have they not solved it as yet?

I have 16 SZTAKI WU\'s in queue. They all started saying 16:44 minutes and completion needed by 11-7-06. I have had the 1st one go thru the rotation with other jobs and it is at 40% and is now had 13 hours on its crunch time and the completion has climbed to 7:55 hours. This number seems to keep going up. I paused that WU and it started on an other one that SAID 16:44 and it is now 1:06 hours and 0% and still shows as 16:44 minutes. and on and on. These will not finish by the deadline at this rate. I am cureently cycling thru 6 other projects on the CPU. (P4D 820)2GB RAM

Please do not look at the completion time. It is wrong for at least 2 reasons: 1. the composition of the WUs has been changed recently, and as Boinc refers to history to estimate the length it cannot work 2. Boinc estimations cannot be correct as the algorithm works with deep recursion levels, and this simply cannot be estimated correctly at the beginning. So we must not bother with this time indication, and certainly not if it is rising during the crunching.

Your work behaves normally. 40% after 13 hours is normal. 0% after 1 hour is also normal. Maybe you got one of those famous \"1-line-units\" where the program knows only at the end of the processing of this single line that it is actually finished, and the percentage will suddenly jump to 100% after many hours.

I suggest that you quietly crunch 1 unit after the other and after the deadline you abort those that you couldn\'t finish (without feeling guilty for this!).

I have a WU (1a9d6387-6dd8-4e3d-a31c-ae75a2daaf6d_eae6639a-ea2b-4228-8687-4327d12c005e_2193_2) which earlier had a

CPU time of 71:59:24 progress 80%, remaining 15:54:35

It is now

CPU time of 75:04:42 progress 80%, remaining 16:31:39

Is this WU going anywhere or have I wasted 75 hours of proocessing time?

Cheers, iX

5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Something strange... (Message 4614)
Posted 4121 days ago by KAMasud
You are not alone, i am faceing the same problem and it is very irriating. Other projects run fine but this one just sits there.
Secondly, to completion counter seems to run in reverse and the WU starts to get never ending.

It\'s still strange. I\'ve been watching another WU sitting there at 90%, looking like it was never going to end. So I shut down BOINC and restarted, and again as for a previous WU it immediately declared itself finished and went into upload mode.

16/10/2006 10:16:27|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|URL:; Computer ID: 174750; location: home; project prefs: default
16/10/2006 10:16:27|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Resuming task 0f740a11-ddf9-490d-8ad1-9b4f129158f5_298a762f-af0b-41f9-a980-c11b2d83034d_3577_2 using search version 200
16/10/2006 10:16:27|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Deferring task 247cb2c2-8265-4b56-9ded-ee6616a47bed_8da5d3df-07d2-4ca4-a4cc-ebbe4367b437_6025_1

(16/10/2006 10:27:26|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Project is down)

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