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Posted 4054 days ago by Team Dockins
Robert, thanks for your quick response. I think I will abort the task and suspend the application, or even perhaps detach from SZTAKI permanently as a lost cause. Is there any way to tell the server to only send me \'one-liners\'? If there is not, WHY does the BOINC system allow such an egregious resource hog to \'share\' its content? Also, why won\'t the thing let go and allow other projects equal time? I also notice that there is a mountain of complaints about no-credit issues. All in all, one poorly implemented program from a shared resource point of view, and it leaves me wondering whether even the completed tasks are providing the project with productive, trustworthy results. Thanks again - Darryl Dockins

btw I am running a 1.25 GHZ eMac running OS X with plenty of RAM. I normally close off any viewing access simply because I am paranoid lest the typical peecee virus stuff gain access the my precious Mac. Am I too cautious here? Should I click \'yes\' to \'view my computer\' requests?
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Do I have to do the whole thing myself? (Message 5434)
Posted 4055 days ago by Team Dockins
My latest SZTAKI \'segment\' has been running for over 3 days now and won\'t stop - 42 CPU hours and counting. The % completed stays frozen at 20% and the time to completion is counting UP! 51 MORE CPU hours to go and still increasing. NO OTHER BOINC project will run because this thing is hogging the whole BOINC project. What can I do to limit this beast??? Regards, Darryl Dockins

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