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Posted 3990 days ago by [B^S] DAMedek
I started this thread a few days ago . . . but now I\'m really miffed.

Another WU of mine, 114908, finished clean and completed the quorum. I claimed 37.90 credits while two other crunchers claimed 40.27 and 75.17 credits, respectively. The amount of credit awarded? . . . only 0.04 credits for each of us . . . the same amount claimed by another user with an outcome of \"Client Error\"!

That\'s it for me, folks, I\'m not crunching SZTAKI for awhile. . . .

Maybe if the admin cares enough someday to fix these types of problems, I\'ll care enough to return to SZTAKI. Otherwise, I\'ll be crunching for someone else.

-- DAMedek
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No Credit For A Clean Run? (Message 5950)
Posted 3992 days ago by [B^S] DAMedek
Thanks, Gamma^Ray and Stick. I\'ve been reading the message boards ever since I joined SZTAKI, and yes, I\'m quite familiar with the \"empty output\" problem . . . have experienced that myself with restarted WUs. That\'s one reason I run SZTAKI WUs from start to finish with no interruptions. I\'ve also experienced other minor problems, but never a clean SZTAKI run with no credit.

I\'ll chalk this one up to \"It\'s A Mystery\" and keep on crunching . . . but of course I\'ll be keeping an eye on validations and won\'t hold my breath waiting for the Admins to fix something I don\'t yet understand.

Again, my thanks.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No Credit For A Clean Run? (Message 5942)
Posted 3993 days ago by [B^S] DAMedek
I uploaded results for several SZTAKI WUs yesterday, and when I checked on their status today I noticed that I got 0.0 credit for <a href=\"\">WU 114334</a>. This concerns me because I know this WU had a clean run . . . It ran through from start to finish with no interruption . . . and the stderr_txt output (<a href=\"\">Result ID 647457</a>) shows no problems.

I\'ve had problems getting credit at Leiden Classical because my operating system is Windows XP Home Edition, but this doesn\'t seem to be the problem here as I get credit for other SZTAKI WUs. Also, for this WU, one of the other results that got credit was generated on an XP Home machine.

Can anyone enlighten me on the cause of this glitch?

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