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1) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credits because of too many total results (Message 656)
Posted 4602 days ago by bguder
Since yesterday I got several results with granted credit 0.

All of them say "Túl sok összes eredmény". If I translated this correctly, it means "Too many total results".

The WU's in question are:
<a href="">328</a>
<a href="">371</a>
<a href="">490</a>
<a href="">642</a>

Each of these WU's had one result with computation error. A replacement result was created. But it was never sent because the WU is now in state "Too many results".

If a WU needs a quorum of 3 and is sent out 4 times initially, then I do not understand why 5 results is considered too many. It would be better if this limit is set to 7 or 8.

Will these WU's get validated once a third result is in?
What happens if the other results never get in?

2) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Validator Bug or application bug? (Message 441)
Posted 4612 days ago by bguder
I looked at my returned results and found that one was marked as invalid: <a href="">1221 </a> (assuming Érvénytelen=Invalid?).

Looking closer at the WU I see that one result was marked as Valid (1222) and two marked as Invalid (1221, 1225).

My unscientific guess is that 1221 &amp; 1225 are the valid ones and 1222 is invalid.

Can someone from the project team check this out?

1 LINUX vs. 2 WINDOWS clients. This could also point to a (precision?) bug somewhere in the science applications.

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