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Posted 4239 days ago by Profile RDC
I\'ve cancelled all of the WUs, of which no result has been sent out so far. About 13000 WUs remained that I couldn\'t cancel, because they are already being crunched. After these run out, I can decrease the lines of the WUs to be crunched.

I hope the people turn them in. I have one turned in with 1,085 pending credit from about a week of non-stop crunching. It\'s still waiting for 2 other people to complete their WU\'s.

What will happen to those people that did turn in one of those \"killer\" WU\'s if some others don\'t turn them in to meet the needed quarum? Will we still get credit for them or will they be invalidated and tossed?
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Posted 4433 days ago by Profile RDC
Did you shut the computer off? If you did or interupted the WU in any way where it\'s taken out of memory, you\'ll end up with an invalid status and no credit for the time it took to crunch it.

I do wish they\'d find a way to fix that problem soon.
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Posted 4446 days ago by Profile RDC
I have a number of results where I have been given zero credit. There are 4 results returned, one with zero credit and the other 3 have claimed credit. Can admin look into this please.

That has something to do with how the SZTAKI DG program reads the WU file after being dumped from memory (either not having BOINC keep things in memory or stopping and exiting BOINC completely). The checkpoints are there so it picks up where it leaves off but actually errors out in the end due to the problem with removing a WU from memory. It\'s been brought up before and Adam is aware of it as it\'s been happening since they upgraded to the BOINC 5.x scripts. It\'s still very annoying even with the small WU\'s since it still takes the full time to crunch and actually wastes the CPU time. I have several of these errored out WU\'s from various having to shut the PC down reasons.

The other issue mentioned in this thread is due to a series of extremely quick WU\'s that were issued and is unrelated to the 0.00 credit while others get credit issue. You actually get credit for those very short WU\'s but it is something like 0.004235175 and other extremely small numbers.

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Posted 4499 days ago by Profile RDC
Do what you have to do Adam, we're with you. I know bureaucratic red tape well from dealing with government agencies in the US and paper shuffling always takes priority with the bureaucrats. Their purpose in life is to create paperwork to create more paperwork.
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Posted 4609 days ago by Profile RDC
AMD 1200 Thunderbird = 4.25 approx with dim 11 / 1.05 approx with dim 10
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Posted 4610 days ago by Profile RDC
I have one that will take 4+ hours, usually they took an hour to process like my first one received today but this one is taking much longer. That's fine in general but with the 1 day deadline, it puts me into Earliest Deadline First mode and with how I'm set up here, I won't be able to crunch for other projects unless I start having to restrict work from this project as every DG WU will now takes priority over everything else until another project goes into panic mode.

Please extend the deadline on WU's. Thank you.
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Posted 4611 days ago by Profile RDC
The scheduler is back on but the same errors as others for me. I suspended Sztaki until later on today so I don't get a lot of WU's assigned to me that I don't receive.
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Posted 4628 days ago by Profile RDC
::::: Thierry Drumel said == "If I close/start BOINC, the CPU time of the running WU is reset to zero and the credit is given accordingly to the CPU time after restarting BOINC (an example : I have to restart my computer this afternoon and had a WU at 92% and I get 0.32 credit for it because I was credited for the 8 remaining percent)."

I also found that if this project is forced out of memory during the normal proceedure of switching projects in BOINC, it will reset the CPU timer when it restarts. If it's set to stay in memory and is paused, it works but when I mistakingly had it set not to stay in memory, I lost most of the credit done before the swapout.

BOINC 4.43, WinXP, 512 ram, 40GB HD w/20GB free.
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Posted 4630 days ago by Profile RDC
Such a huge push for political correctness that even calling someone <i>arimathatically challenged</i> would be sure to offend someone and result in a lawsuit. LOL.

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Posted 4630 days ago by Profile RDC
<i>You spend a few more months with this project and you'll be fluent :)</i>

I'm already starting to be able to read some of the Hungarian language from just a couple of days at this project. While I should be able to get to the point of reading Hungarian without trouble, I doubt I'll ever be able to speak it.

My daughter speaks Swedish like a native as she has Swedish relatives on her mother's side. She has been trying to teach me to speak in Swedish for years but I still sound like a tourist that just arrived while trying to pronounce things out of a Berlitz phrase book. I'd hate to see how badly I would pronounce some of the Hungarian words, they look tough.

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