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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Long running WU threatening to miss deadline (Message 5835)
Posted 4009 days ago by wstomv
I don\'t see the resultid = 432619 but only the resultid = 432660
Is the result (already) purged ??

My apologies. This is my result, and now I see it is listed as Invalid.

What a waste of my computer time (and energy).
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Long running WU threatening to miss deadline (Message 5826)
Posted 4010 days ago by wstomv
My long running WU that started this thread finally finished today, BUT it got no credit. The result is Success. You can imagine I am disappointed after such a long run.

What is the matter?

You don\'t really need to report by the deadline in this project. When you miss it, a replacement WU will be created and after about 4 days sent to someone else. If you report before that time, your result will be accepted and the replacement WU deleted.

Even after that day, you may continue. I have the strong feeling that your result will not be enough to get the necessary quorum of 3, as the other 2 results have such short processing times compared to yours. As long as the quorum is not reached, your result is welcome. I\'m crunching now a WU with deadline 17 January, because it still needs valid results.

3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Long running WU threatening to miss deadline (Message 5715)
Posted 4026 days ago by wstomv
My computer is working on result and now has spent a little over 200 hours on it. It reports 60% progess and another 85 hours until completion. The deadline is 22 Feb.

I will be away from the Internet for at least until 25 Feb.

Conclusion: This deadline will be missed (unless it unexpectedly finishes within the next few hours).

This is very unfortunate because of the amount of time already spent on it.

How much sense does it make to continue work on this WU? Can the deadline be extended?
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Erratic behavior of WUs after suspend/resume (Message 5553)
Posted 4048 days ago by wstomv
Here are two observations/questions:

1) I have had WUs (on a Mac G4) that ran for well over 10 hours, seemingly making no progress at all (still stuck at 0%). Typically, I let them \"Run always\" since I do no number crunching on this machine. Occasionally, I suspend them. And then when I resume them, all of a sudden, the WU is completed and ready to report. As if suspending interrupted it. The result invariably was Success. I find this strange.

2) When I suspend a task, the CPU timer stops (obviously). However, when I resume the same task, the time jumps back (on some occasions a significant amount). Is that time lost, somehow? I.e. was my CPU time wasted?

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