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Posted 4142 days ago by Profile [SETI.USA]Tank_Master
SETI.USA was formed to consolidate people in the USA onto a single team with the goal of becoming the number 1 team in the world. The United States has nearly THREE times as many users and nearly FIVE times more credit than any other country. However, as there are so many people in different USA teams and many without any team affiliation, other counties appear to be doing better.

SETI.USA has been in existence for just a little over a year and a half and we have already become the most productive team in BOINC and currently hold the #5 position in the world for total credit. We are the only team to ever reach a RAC of 800,000 for combined projects and currently have a goal of 850,000 by Thanksgiving. We are well on our way to accomplishing our goal but we need your help. The USA has always been known for rising up and overcoming challenges like this.

We would like to extend an invitation for YOU to join us in our quest. If you are interested or would just like to check us out, please feel free to come by our message board at We would be most happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to join us just click this link and then click the “Join Team” button.
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Posted 4182 days ago by Profile [SETI.USA]Tank_Master
looking back to sep 21st, I recieved 10,426 credits that day! I jumped from 186th to 113rd place for this project. I also jumped from 580th to 567th place that day for total BOINC credits! :D It was a nice day! :P
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Posted 4182 days ago by Profile [SETI.USA]Tank_Master
I had one that went for 700,936.56 seconds (~195h) befor it errored out on my Pd 2.8. The error was something along the lines of \"work unit is in an invalid state! aborting!\" it clamed 1,541.37 credits, but i didnt get any. Has anyone else who let theres run taking anywhere near this?

the work unit in question is here:

CPU time (sec) 700936.5625
stderr out
Maximum CPU time exceeded

Validate state Invalid
Claimed credit 1541.37359614143
Granted credit 0

*note- I changed < to ^ in the above stderr out so the text would show.

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