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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : no work from project (Message 7209)
Posted 3578 days ago by Mikus
Just reorganized the computers I have at home. That included detaching Sztaki from one Linux computer running BOINC, and instead attaching Sztaki to a different (slightly faster) Linux computer running BOINC. [As far as I can tell, the two computers provide similar execution environments -- work appropriate to the first computer should be equally appropriate to the second computer.]

My problem is that the Sztaki project was properly sending work to the previous computer to be crunched, but so far Sztaki is __not__ sending any work to the current computer to be crunched -- instead the response (many times) from the server has been \'no work from project\'.

Why am I no longer being assigned work from Sztaki ?
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : WUs have HUGE time estimates (Message 6855)
Posted 3791 days ago by Mikus
What\'s the value of x.xxxxxx ?

13.2 (some more digits I didn\'t write down)

3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : WUs have HUGE time estimates (Message 6843)
Posted 3792 days ago by Mikus
I run off-line. For me, these huge estimates cause complications. When I connect, I need to fetch enough work to keep my system busy until the next time I connect. When my system downloads a Sztaki workunit that is estimated to take 100 hours, it downloads __fewer__ workunits from other projects (because it thinks there is a lot of work to do). But when that Sztaki workunit finishes in less than an hour, 99 hours of work have \"evaporated\" from my work queue. That means that my system will run out of crunching that much sooner -- and if I don\'t want my system to go idle I have to make the next connection sooner than I had planned.

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