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Posted 3048 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
I have another WU without granted credits. The otwo other PCs got credits for this WU.
Can anybody help or can write a reply?

Another WU withaout Credits

Has this issue been addressed at all by admins of the project? I would like to come back and run this project again, but not if the workunit is not going to receive credit.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Why no credit for this wu? (Message 7735)
Posted 3317 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
My guess is who knows with the validation since there has been absolutely no response here in the forums. I even sent him a direct PM referencing this thread...

oh and gotta love the quorum of 3 on this workunit... My result wasn\'t even the last one sent in. I would really like to know how this zero credit is being determined!!

Same with this one, although I posted the result above.

- Jason aka Crazybob\'s Son
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Why no credit for this wu? (Message 7733)
Posted 3318 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
55 hours and no credit when my PC did it faster than all three of the other PC\'s that did get credit.... Once my cache is up I am not coming back to this project until the validation/quorum issue is fixed.

- Jason aka Crazybob\'s Son
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Posted 3322 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
Three more with zero granted credit...
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Why no credit for this wu? (Message 7711)
Posted 3325 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
I have had this happen with 3 wu\'s myself (shown below), maybe more but only 3 recent ones. I noticed the quorum is 3, however the replication is 4... If your quorum is three, you should only send out 3 workunits, then if one is not returned do a re-send. Another thing, with the last two workunits below, my PC was the 3rd to return a VALID result; however, one of the first three returned was a \"client error - aborted by user\". Why is this considered to be part of the quorum? Another thing, I just noticed that with result ID 8541388 my PC was the FIRST to return a valid result.

These bugs all need to be reviewed and updated in the validator to make sure that your volunteers are not discouraged against running your project.

Jason (aka Crazybob\'s Son)
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Join Team SETI.USA (Message 7212)
Posted 3574 days ago by Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
Hi fellow crunchers

On March 24, 2005 Team SETI.USA was created to consolidate United States users and become the #1 SETI Team in the world. This goal was achieved within 24 months of inception thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated membership. To parlay that effort, and for the benefit of all BOINC distributed computing projects, Team SETI.USA\'s commitment to extend beyond a single project has begun. SETI.USA is now BOINCing the world! As of September 19, 2007 we reached our second goal of becoming the #1 team in overall BOINC!!! We are now working on taking #1 in other BOINC projects. We recently obtained a #1 ranking in Proteins@home (Stats Page). Join with us as we boldly go where no team has gone before!

We are a very active and fun loving team and offer the following to our members:
Message Board
Team Chat!!(Regular Monday night chat session, but always available.)
Team Store
Quarterly Intra Team Races
Project of the Month
Weekly Trivia Contest
Team Graphics (Requests taken as well)
And much, much more....

Come Join in the fun as we strive to reach new goals. Everyone welcome.

If you are already a member of our great team and have not yet visited the message forums, please come on over and introduce yourself. We would love to see you there!! If you have an interest in crunching other projects check out our project of the month or our current push for #1!!

Visit our mini city!

Together we will accomplish something amazing![/url]

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