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Posted 3475 days ago by Profile AQUA-MAN
Hello Sztaki team!
I got 10 WU. from you. All of them are limited until the 23th. of september.
remaining time is about 5 minutes, but processor time 2 hours are gone for only 3%
I will not be able to achieve all these WUs in the next 12 days.
should i delete the rest at the end of the time limit?
yours friendly

I have the same problem. I\'ve received 100+ tasks which it is necessary to send till September, 24th. When I received them, each task demanded less than 4 minutes, but for 2 hours only 3.5 % of one task have been counted up. What I have to do in this situation?

Same Problem, 33,3% by 53 Hours spent on the WU with a Athlon 64 4200+.

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