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Posted 4027 days ago by ArnoMushroom

I understand the issue with the new application : it\'s faster, so a computer crunching a unit with it will get less credit than a computer which crunched the same unit with an old app.
Probable example here.

But there is another issue that I can\'t explain :
1st unit or 2nd unit

For each of these units, only 2 computers got a \"Success\" outcome, but the granted credit is 0.00 and there were \"errors : Too many total results\".
What about the minimum quorum of 3 ?
Can someone explain ?

EDIT : Think I got it : max # of total results is set to 8, and in each case there were 9 results sent ... too bad for me !
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Posted 4115 days ago by ArnoMushroom
Also, the server should be able to get reports of the WUs.


I confirm, WUs reports are possible again.
Many thanks !
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Posted 4115 days ago by ArnoMushroom
Hello Everyone,

I just finished a 176 hours WU, and when I try to report the result, I get these messages in BOINC :

08/09/2006 22:44:09|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Sending scheduler request to
08/09/2006 22:44:09|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Reason: Requested by user
08/09/2006 22:44:09|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Reporting 1 tasks
08/09/2006 22:44:14|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Scheduler request succeeded
08/09/2006 22:44:14|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Message from server: Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance
08/09/2006 22:44:14|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Project is down

\"Scheduler\" and \"Validator\" seem to be running in the server status page, so I think I should be able to report my WU ... but it doesn\'t work.

Can anyone help me with this issue ?
Thanks a lot ...

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