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1) Message boards : DesktopGrid Kávézó : TEAM RECRUITMENT THREAD (Message 7221)
Posted 3450 days ago by Profile Brian
TEAM: Brian has an incredible 4 members spread out over 30+ projects. Our website is a complete joke and it has not been updated in a year or more. (Probably a lot more.) We have no goals and no drive. If you join TEAM: Brian you can expect nothing and TEAM: Brian expects nothing from you. TEAM: Brian does, however, have its own city. The city is actually just a huge waste of time.

So, in short, if apathy were a category for teams, TEAM: Brian wold be number one, but also wouldn\'t really care.

Oh, by the way, I will update the web page someday. Someday...
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Upgrading Hardware (Message 1577)
Posted 4344 days ago by Profile Brian
I was able to (almost) empty my buffer, and BOINC was able to detect my new hardware, run new benchmarks, and start new workunits. I\'m not positive, but I think I even kept the same HostID. There was only one listing when I look at my computers online and it had my new hardware listed.

3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Upgrading Hardware (Message 1539)
Posted 4353 days ago by Profile Brian
I am getting ready to do a major upgrade on my computer. New motherboard, processor and RAM, so, basically, a whole new system. I plan on moving the hard drives over without installing a new OS. Should I let all of my current work units finish or will it be ok to continue work on them with different hardware? Should I Uninstall BOINC and reinstall on the new hardware or will the project care if this copy of BOINC is suddenly on a new computer? And are there any other problems that I am not thinking of?

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