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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Server upgrade - statistics export? (Message 7942)
Posted 3021 days ago by DigiK-oz
Yup, that's the normal statistics directory. But those files are not the "standard" XML-files exported by BOINC (at least on most/all other projects), but they are images of the statistics you can find on the website.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Server upgrade - statistics export? (Message 7940)
Posted 3021 days ago by DigiK-oz
Good to see a recent BOINC version on the server - now my 64-bits system can crunch SZTAKI as well!

The statistics files (.xml) seem to be gone however, so we can't really see how we're doing on various third-party sites.

Could this be re-enabled?

Thumbs up for the upgrade, it took some time, but nonetheless :)
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Message from server: platform \'windows_x86_64\' not found (Message 7619)
Posted 3362 days ago by DigiK-oz
Just ran in to this one as well after upgrading a machine to 64-bit OS . With this thread being almost 3 months old, and another thread about 64-bits linux being even older, guess I will not hold my breath waiting for a solution :-(

4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7454)
Posted 3435 days ago by DigiK-oz
Apparently, finishing a WU does not guarantee credit. I have one of them long-running WU\'s finished. My wingman didn\'t finish, so it got re-issued. And re-issued again...Still no-one else finished the WU, and now my finished WU shows ZERO points.

That\'s it for me. With a non-responsive admin on a project with issues like the ones in this thread, this project is a no-go for me. And I definitely will advise others likewise. Too bad.....

5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7313)
Posted 3469 days ago by DigiK-oz
16/09/2008 17:41:21|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Aborting task 37ab002f-ee81-4a23-853c-cbed64362d16_2005b03a-31dd-43b4-af28-075ebb4be9a8_783_2: exceeded CPU time limit 340640.410044

Are you telling me these work units are going to bomb out after 94.5 hours (~340k seconds) regardless? I\'ve got two running which are going to take closer to 250 hours to complete as they are...

If I take the rsc_bound_fpops of a WU, and divide this by my system\'s p_fpops I end up at almost 160 hours. The WU\'s I have running, seem to need about 125 hours each on my \"old\" C2D.

Currently 2 WU\'s running, having already spent 2.5 CPU-days together (or about 1000 point for BOINC). I sure hope these things finish before crashing. Wasting CPU resources is NOT the reason I\'m participating.

If they ever do finish, it\'ll probably take very long before these WU\'s get verified by 3 users... (some of them will crash, be re-issued etc). :(
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7304)
Posted 3471 days ago by DigiK-oz
I am experiencing the same issue. I have 25 WUs to complete, all of them has an indicated completion time 8 min 55 sec. I have one completed under 8 min 41 sec, I am working on another one for 73 hours now and it is still 8,1% complete, an another one is at 10,2% after 5 hours 40 min. I am pretty sure with these speed I will not be able to complete them, but would be really disappointed to see 100 hours of work wasted.

Does anyone is working on this issue in SZTAKI?

The admin (Adam) is aware of all this, and looking into it. For now, I would suggest aborting the WU\'s that have NOT started yet. Will not cost you any hours of work, and they will in time be re-issued to another machine. Let one WU per machine finish, so the estimate of future SZTAKI WU\'s will be much closer to the actual required runtime. From then on, business as usual.
7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7297)
Posted 3471 days ago by DigiK-oz
Thanks for the update, Adam. I have resumed the project and will finish the Wu\'s I have. I sure hope you can take care of the estimated duration problem, as this makes a huge mess of BOINC\'s scheduling (i.e. all SZTAKI WU\'s become high priority, so no other projects run. Due to these projects having their own deadlines, they in turn become high priority as well, and in the end ALL WU\'s start missing deadlines, not just the SZTAKI ones... :-( ). So untill this is fixed, I will make sure I get only one SZTAKI WU at a time.

EDIT : Perhaps a post on the frontpage news would be in order to let everybody know NOT to abort the units?
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7284)
Posted 3473 days ago by DigiK-oz
Agreed. Long units are no problem as long as they are marked as such. If not, they\'ll screw up the entire scheduling mechanism of BOINC.

As it is, there\'s NO WAY people will finish most of the units here, some people got 10+ units, all to finish within 2 weeks, where every unit would take 100 hours or so.

Something is f*cked up big time, and needs to be addressed. It is a shame that the one(s) who should address this, take so long to respond. The detach button starts to be a reasonable alternative, sadly.
9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7282)
Posted 3474 days ago by DigiK-oz
Well, most of us suspend the project and wait for a response from the admin here, suggest you do the same. It seems useless to leave them running currently, as it\'ll probably not get validated since other users suspend/abort.
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7273)
Posted 3475 days ago by DigiK-oz
I have one here which has 1 day of CPU, just passed the 20% mark.

I\'d hate to see the points go down the drain by aborting it, but if these WU\'s are faulty and withdrawn, that is what will happen I suppose.

Let\'s at least hope we get some answer to this, and soon!

EDIT : Hmmm, this thread was started almost a day ago and no reaction. Looks like we can forget about the \"soon\". After all, why would an admin at least state that they are working on this, it\'s only people volunteering their CPU to the project who are getting frustrated. No big deal.

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