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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No New Tasks until Credits Get Granted! (Message 6115)
Posted 4057 days ago by SenrabYar
Popped back today because suddenly 500 credits appeared against my SZAKI total. I gave up taking SZAKI WU in January because of the apparent problems with credit/validation.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Lengthy WU (Message 5487)
Posted 4148 days ago by SenrabYar
Yes - SZTAKI is frustrating at times - it\'s a lot easier now that it in English though.

These comments don\'t seem to match my understanding.

The workunit that took 39 hrs on the Opteron 248 had been completed by two others (and timed out or aborted by 5 more). When my unit completed I actually watched the other two results change from \'pending\' credit into some \'granted\' credit. But my result merely changed from showing \"date due\" to \"date returned\" with 400+ pending credit and 0 granted credit. I checked back for change for a couple of days: nothing happened.

Now the workunit has gone - along with I think 400+ pending credits. I understand that it has reached the science team behind the scenes - but I doubt that any process is in place that will recover my credit. I would have to wait forever.

400 lost credits is enough to irritate me. For larry186, representing 20% of their total, I\'m sure it would be infuriating.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Lengthy WU (Message 5484)
Posted 4148 days ago by SenrabYar
A week has elapsed, so I\'ve just had a look to see if anything has happened to these five workunits with 0 credit.

AFAICS they have all disappeared !

I am much less likely to devote my BOINC resources to projects that don\'t seem to maintain their data integrity - one has to wonder if they take care with the results we calculate for them.

Please can I have my earned credits.

Sorry to sound a little irritated.

4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Lengthy WU (Message 5431)
Posted 4156 days ago by SenrabYar
Well I\'ve just stuck to a long WU - it took 39hrs on an Opteron 248 - but only to find I\'ve not been granted credit. The workunit is obviously a problem for some people - it\'s been around since last October, been sent 8 times, and only just reached quota with my successful run. But it is not encouraging to find \"Credit Granted=0.00\"

I\'d noticed before that some workunits (properly completed of course) fail to get credit. This is not a rare occurrence - I have five in the last three days or so:


5) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : PLEASE BASE CREDIT ON AN AVERAGE OF VALID WORK (Message 497)
Posted 4680 days ago by SenrabYar
I have a number of WUs that have been granted 0 - perhaps this is why.

I vote with Stanley.
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Solaris Client (Message 496)
Posted 4680 days ago by SenrabYar
I'm not quite on top of issues over 32bit-64bit processors, so would that work on my Windows XP64 machine running 2 x Opteron 248s ?

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