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Posted 4232 days ago by Protos the Red
Thanks Robert.

Wonder if new 2.02 version is optimized, but my BOINC didn\'t downloaded it yet.
As I was on over-committed with SZTAKI, the poor guy is onhold for now, other projects catching up missed time ;o).

Will wait and see.

2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : The greatest battle ever : Linux vs. Windows OS ;o) (Message 4679)
Posted 4233 days ago by Protos the Red
Hi all,

Couldn\'t find if there was a thread on this one so far but I was wondering since I stumble on it today.

Here are 4 WUs my computer worked on :

All Windows OS computers have equivalent claimed credits.
But on these WUs worked Linux systems and they have far less credit, around 1/4 - 1/5 of Windows ones.

Is it possible that the Linux SZTAKI client is faster than the Windows one ? Some optimization of the OS that permits a faster calculation ? Or the two crunching versions are different ?

Or eventually, my question is stupid and then I will go back in my dark box to come back later with a stupidiest one ;o)))) ?

Happy crunching you all,
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How Long Is Short (Message 4561)
Posted 4249 days ago by Protos the Red
Hello everybody,

I\'m glad to tell you that one of my <b>1a9d..</b> (the longest one so far) has finished at 9 days 13 hours.
Still 7 to go before November 4th. Nice target ;o).

BTW, I had everyday stopped-resumed each WUs in hope to advance them.
For some, it is working from time to time. But I find it annoying to have to do this to update them. Since \'Overcommitted state\' reached, SZTAKI alone is crunching. And no round-robinning between projects.

So after deadline reached, I will give time to other projects to crunch (hopefully ClimatePrediction have 1 year deadline ;o) ).
I will keep SZTAKI crunching every two days. I\'m feeling stubborn on this.

I wish you all a nice evening or day.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How Long Is Short (Message 4532)
Posted 4252 days ago by Protos the Red

New update.

After reading across the forum, I have decided to stop all <B>1a9d..</B> WUs that were not successfully finished by someboby else in a reasonable time (2 or 3 days), in order to respect the DEADLINE (november 4).

This because one of my WUs has reached the Overcommitted State (more that 8 days of crunching, completion at 9 days and these two time are still growing. Yesterday, completion was 8.5 days).

I read that we can report WUs till 2 or 3 weeks after deadline, but what of the other projects ? Computer goes to normal crunching state if WUs are over deadline but still crunching ?
I don\'t know, I will look in Wiki if something about it has been written.

BTW, upgrading to 2.01 (or 2.03) version could correct the problem with these 1a9d.. WUs ?

Happy crunching,
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How Long Is Short (Message 4370)
Posted 4263 days ago by Protos the Red

Been a three day WE, and on come back I checked my BOINC.

All WUs has been crunched OK (except the 19ad of course, on-hold).

I then resumed the 19ad.
The one stucked in 20% for more than two days, has jumped to 40% at the minute I restarted it.

Do we need to stop-resume these WUs in order to advance in the crunching ?
Does this mean that somewhere in the application, the percentage is not updated due to a infinite loop, which is flushed on stopping the WUs, and then the application recalculate the advancement of the WU on resuming ?

Don\'t know if somebody is checking this thread anymore ...
Anyway I will stick to the stop-resume from time to time, annoying but advancing ;o).

See ya,
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How Long Is Short (Message 4298)
Posted 4267 days ago by Protos the Red

25 WUs downloaded in a row on the 7 of October. Geeee, that\'s was unexpected.
So far, only two or three were crunching on my machine.

And two 19ad ones stuck at 20%, one more than two days already crunched.

To made a test, I had put on-hold all 19ad I had (9 of them), after reading this post, to determine if other WUs have the same behavior.

Keep you informed,

Happy crunchee-hochee-boochee

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