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Posted 3419 days ago by etrecords
I have seen results of your manual actions regarding credits. But at this time there is a strange situation with the credit granted to me. In total the credits are 3741 but when I am looking to my computers it is telling a complete different story. One computer that was active during the last 30 days has 5477 credits and the other one (not active during the last 30 days) has 2994 credits.

Computer id\'s are 295783 and 295947
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : An Old Problem Returns ??? (Message 7653)
Posted 3448 days ago by etrecords
During my holliday 5 WU of SDG are loaded on my system. one finised and gives credits. One WU is finished after 66 hours and is waiting on validation.
But the three other WU all crashed after 86.4 hours with the following error: Maximum CPU time exceeded
This mans that the config of the WU is not correct and due to that fact my system hase worked 250 hours without any sense.

I have seen this also at the end of the summer and switched SDG to NNW. I have decided to do this also at this moment until there is clear answer of the project lead how hey will prevent such atime wasting in the future

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