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Posted 4031 days ago by Profile fwjmath
And another thing...
I often watch the checkpoints to kill time, and I\'ve found a potential bug:
Once I opened the checkpoint file, it showed that it was crunching line 9 and my BOINC showed 80% finished. I closed my BOINC then started it again. The percentage jumped to 90%, while from the checkpoint file it was still crunching line 9! Is it a bug? That\'s in 2.02.

And, where can I get the source code of the scientific program? I\'m always wondering what codes are doing in the CPU. :-)
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Posted 4031 days ago by Profile fwjmath
I hope that you can put an eye on this workunit and my result:

It seems that this workunit has generated many invalid result and, in the end, when my pc worked out the whole search it won nothing, as there\'re only 2(including mine) active results but I need 3 to grant my credits.
As this workunit is rather big(10 lines with six(or more?) zeros in the middle, while an easier one on my pc comes in four zeros), it can be assumed that not many people have the perseverance to finish this one. What I really want to know is: is my result correct and is it useful to the research? I don\'t want my pc to compute for such a long time while giving no help to mathematics. ;-)

And for the credits, is it possible to be granted if this workunit is regenerated and its result approves mine? The credit for this workunit is even more than my total. :-)

That\'s all...

All the best,
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Posted 4156 days ago by Profile fwjmath

we\'re crucnhing the 12th dimension and I\'ll update the counter on the main page as soon as the problems seems to be solved.

Thanks Adam!
I\'m just wondering: that\'s too slow, so what are we crunching?
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Posted 4158 days ago by Profile fwjmath
er... Adam, could I ask about what we are crunching now? On which dimension? Or we are testing new algorithm? As there are just N/A on the homepage about thw content of workunits...

Just curious.

Best regards,

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