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Posted 4112 days ago by AussieGeoff
Ok, I\'m still working on the server for a few more hours, so you still have time. After that I don\'t really want to wait any more, because it\'s better to give work to everyone, than just to wait for a few of you. So in a few hours I\'ll stop the server, grant credit for all of the finished work and also determine and grant some credit for those, who hasn\'t finished their WUs yet.

Hi Adam

Is there any possibility of being granted the credit for which shows a work unit error, but the stderr log shows it did get through the 1,000 lines? On this work unit shows a result of Success? I would like at least some of the 443 credits for the 100+ time.

I also have another long work unit which is about 11 hours into approximately 140 hours. Do I abort this WU?


2) Questions and Answers : Windows : How Overdue can Workunits Be? (Message 2250)
Posted 4293 days ago by AussieGeoff
Better cancel them, I have delivered one about 8 hours too late and the server already didn\'t accepted it anymore.

Afaik. the very long running ones have been cancelled on server side anyway so the WUs for your results might not even exist anymore.

Thanks, I will leave 1 or 2 and abort the rest.

3) Questions and Answers : Windows : How Overdue can Workunits Be? (Message 2248)
Posted 4294 days ago by AussieGeoff

I have about 30 units that are not going to be completed by the Report Deadline - they were listed as approximately 14 minutes each, they are now listed as 4 hours 50 minutes, they are due in under 2 days.

How overdue can results be before they are ignored and reissued?

Do I just abort all remaining units once the Report deadline has passed?

BOINC is in \"panic\" mode and has been for about 2 days already, if all of these are actually processed, units from Predictor and SIMAP will also be overdue.

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Cannot Get a Work Unit (Message 1583)
Posted 4341 days ago by AussieGeoff
With patience - it will give you one now and then - but there\'s a database problem that makes the scheduler act up for weeks already. Check the threads about wrong venue replies and stuff like that. The problem seems to be analyzed but the there\'s a ressource shortage - lack of Adam (the guy in charge here, he seems to be away for a while) - so it isn\'t fixed yet.

Thank You
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Cannot Get a Work Unit (Message 1580)
Posted 4342 days ago by AussieGeoff
I have joined the project, but cannot get a (first) work unit to process.

The first time BOINC attempted to get a unit - I received a message \"No work - committed to other platforms.\"

The next time it attempted to get a work unit I received the message \"No work sent - reached daily quota of 1 results\".

This has been happening for about 1.5 days.

How do I get a first unit to process?

Running Win XP Pro SP2+, Boinc version 5.2.13.


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