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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : CPU time and end time are growing up, but there is no progress (Message 3729)
Posted 4315 days ago by MZimmer275
This is not an error. I think you are chrunching a big WU which needs a lot of time. My computer is crunching such a wu and the current state is: 122 h 55 min and 22.6% are done.

So don\'t worry
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : What's about getting credits? (Message 472)
Posted 4680 days ago by MZimmer275
Hello everybody,

since yesterday my computer is crunching the 11 dimensional WUs. But two of them got no credit. Why?

The WU without credits are the WU <a href="">543</a> and <a href="">344</a>. When I look to the valid results (sometimes only <b>1 (!!!)</b> is valid) there is one line in the line of "stderr out" which is missing in the invalid results. The content of the line is: "Ujrainditas checkpointbol, 1. sor feldolgozasanak folytatasa. 0 sort kiirtunk".

So what is this line saying and why is it so important for getting any credits?

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