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Posted 3691 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
Compared to windows XP the existing Mac Intel application is very slow, when do you have ready a faster Mac application?regards Nikolaus

As the Mac Intel app does give one third to less than half of the credits per hour I get for other project I think it\'s a important question.
I want not complain as there is at least a macintosh application. But in fewer times I got the same credits with my mac\'s as the machines running other OS!
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : The Server Upgrade has a Small Problem (2) (Message 6495)
Posted 3790 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
I don\'t see the line (under Firefox 2.0.05, under IE 5.5 and IE 6.) when i\'m logged in.

Sorry Nightbird, don\'t be angry with me asking this question, but
may you have switched off the signatures?

As it seems it\'s neither a problem of a special browser nor of OS.

3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : The Server Upgrade has a Small Problem (2) (Message 6475)
Posted 3794 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
\"This message has been auto-translated by: SZTAKI Dictionary\"
Under Firefox, I don\'t see it.

... Maybe it is your version of Firefox that has the problem?

I don\'t see the line when i\'m logged (same under Firefox, IE 6 and 5.5).
And you ?

I see the line in FF under MacOS X 10.4 & WinXP
in IE 6 (Win XP) and Safari (MacOS X) I see it too.

But htmlTidy tells me there are to many errors to display all errors ;)
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Trojan boinc installation by rogue member (Message 5973)
Posted 3919 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
in predictor this guy is still active,
members who did complain have been banned by the admin and thread about this have been deleted!

you can read about this topic
here and
at boincstats
and here thread about censurship at Predictor

5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Thread \'special MacOs - MacOsX - hints\' (Message 5577)
Posted 3974 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
Hello Odysseus I agree with you.
I\'ve stopped this project on my Macs, though I would like to stay.
The reasons are like you wrote:
less credits running to slow and furthermore to many errors.
I hope it will be possible to make at least a application for intel-macs in the future which is running as good like that one for linux or win.

6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : New application L2.03 / W2.01 / M2.00 - Feedback (Message 4387)
Posted 4075 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
I\'ve completed this WU in ~8 hours on overclocked Conroe.
Another machine - Pentium M 1.5 GHz (which is at least twice slower) completed \"sucessfully\" in as little as 8 minutes on Linux?

Any explanation of that?
Or are we running rubbish?
(this is not only about 155 vs 0.65 for the same results...if we even get anything due to high error rate of this pre-alpha project)

this problem is similar to this post

But though there are a lot of posts, describing multiple errors and problems, and some people assuming the algorithm is not stable ... and so on ...
- there is no official statement from Adam :(

I miss information on what\'s going on, what bugs are known, what bugs with the new version XXX solved and what bugs are left ...
The version 2.01 for windows should solve the difference between windows and Linux, or should\'t it? - now the problem seems not to be solved but now the Athlons fail in many times :(
Adam, please tell us what\'s going on, little bit more information is needed.

7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 8) (Message 4329)
Posted 4078 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
New 2.01 version for the windows platform is out to resolve the problem of speed difference between linux and windows. Feedback\'s to the new thread, please.

2.01-es verziószámmal új windowsos alkalmazás került kiadásra, mely a windwos és linux verziók között tapasztalható sebességkülönbséget hivatott orvosolni. Észrevételeket az <> írjátok meg.

Whats\' aboaut a Macintosh-Version, will there also be a new Version?
There are sometimes also great differences in the speed I guess
Please look at this WU fo an example.
Sorry Adam, I think you are busy, but this is very important for me, as I use use Macintosh.
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 4149)
Posted 4099 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
Well, after the mess with \"monster\"- WU\'s, Error -161 ... Sztaki is again working.
But, nevertheless there are a lot of problems:
WU\'s which are still very large, - this wouldn\'t that bad to me if there wasn\'t the other problem:
- the predicted time for crunching (predicted by BOINC) is to low, so you get too many WU\'s, which can\'t get processed before deadline!

Many people don\'t crunch only for one project, often people have many projects attached, therefore projects must be \"predictable\" in needed time.
If a project is not marked as \"beta\" or \"in state of development\", people expect that the project is (with limits) stable and predictable in the time for crunching.

While it is not possible to make prediction on the needed time, the project should marked as \"in state of development\" or at least there should be a warning message on the webpage.

Better there should be a \"Sztaki-testproject\" (like others and for example Theft wrote) where, before jumping the dimension or changing the application, this should be tested and the run-time is calibrated.

9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 4136)
Posted 4102 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
For now, i\'m crunching all my wus 07f40a11-ddf9-490d-8ad1xxxx since they seem easier.
Then about my wus 1a9d... and 21b3..., IF the wu has been crunched with success by 1 person (so the wu is waiting for a quorum), i keep the wu ready to run.

I have a WU 07f40a11-ddf9-490d-8ad1xxxx running since more then 22 hrs with about 20% while a 247cb2-8265 has about 14% after 3,5 hrs on a G4/1GHz.
What means difficult or \"hard\" when 07f40a11-ddf9.. are easier? ;)
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 3939)
Posted 4116 days ago by Profile [b@h] tomcat
In my opinion there must be done much more then canceling the long WU\'s

The problem was not only the duration of finishing the big WU\'s,
a lot of the big WU\'s finished with errors (\"maximum time exceeded\" ...) or didn\'t get validated.

furthermore now many of the new short WU\'s finished with error -161
(not only on macintosh, but on my PB I got this error nearly on every new WU!)

Now many people didn\'t get credits while their computers was crunching days, often weeks for sztaki.

I think it may be better first debug the new WU\'s / applications and then start the delivering of new WU\'s again.
If after restarting the project, still people get more WU\'s with error then with valid results and get credits, few will crunch for the project.
So better starting after a break for some days with WU\'s which make sense to crunch and getting back people who detached from the project.

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