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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No space left on device (Message 7850)
Posted 3246 days ago by paperdragon
boinc is trying to upload a file and getting no space left:

SZTAKI Desktop Grid 4/28/2009 5:21:42 PM [error]Error reported by file upload server: can\'t write file /var/lib/boinc/szdg/project/upload/e2/caa03215-1b38-489c-abd4-252c594ad6ff_492be06a-b766-4e37-a490-b5eeecd7ade5_144278_1_1: No space left on device
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7416)
Posted 3449 days ago by paperdragon
I was just looking at the work units \"max # of error/total/success results\"; which is set at 6/10/6.

The above means that the system will sent out the work unit a maxium of 10 times. It does a first send of 4 work units. If all those go beyond the time, 4 more will go out in 2 weeks. And two weesk after that if 3 more go out, the exceeded 10 max work units will cause the system to error the entire workunit out.

So in a minnium of 6 weeks we could start getting works units being errored out, and all credits being cancelled. So these short deadlines are going to become a system problem fairly soon, I think, as the work units are cancelled because of too many being sent.

So for those of us pushing through this mess, it may mostly be for nought. And overall for the project, likely this diminsion will have to be redone with proper deadlines.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unsent replications (Message 7373)
Posted 3461 days ago by paperdragon
My thought is that most of the people processing these work units are overworked with excessive WUs that they have yet to complete. Then once complete, you have the long term debt to be slowly eaten way before another Sztaki result is requested.

So, unless, we get new people processing these work units, expect them to be sent out slowly. We are all overworked.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7348)
Posted 3464 days ago by paperdragon
I have just got CPU time exceeded:
Computer Host Project Date ID Message
D021 CP708-ITS-D021 SZTAKI Desktop Grid 9/20/2008 5:11:44 PM 226 Aborting task 37ab002f-ee81-4a23-853c-cbed64362d16_1cc3e340-4ac3-44ec-9db7-aae2b45d81b4_1892_1: exceeded CPU time limit 384429.619143

Result Id: 8184183

I currently have No New Work set; but with a long term duration of -205,000, it will be awhile before I get anything, anyways.
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7275)
Posted 3475 days ago by paperdragon
Still running. One workunit the looked like it should complete in 17.5 hours, is still running 22 hours in and only 78% complete.

I temperorially suspended the other projects to try and get a reading on completion time, which does not look like any time soon. When I counted, I have 80 of there workunits. Looks like I will have to abort most of them, since there is no way to finish them in time, and I will be returning this machine to its requaler project processing shortly.
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7262)
Posted 3476 days ago by paperdragon
I have the same thing happening. Looks like about 60 work units estimated about 4 minutes each. I have one running now been running 58 minutes, and 5.5% complete. If that keeps up, will take 17.5 hours to complete. At that rate the 60 work units will require over 1000 hours, or 44 days. Will keep watching.
7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Problem with Cross-Project ID (Message 6765)
Posted 3812 days ago by paperdragon
The other factor needed in getting common CPID is a project that runs on all machines. If the machine that is running SZTAKI does not run any of the other projects, it has no way of getting a common CPID.

So if you are running this project on a single machine you either need to but this project on another machine with multiple projects. OR put another project on this machine as \'backup\', so that it can match the CPID. If you do not want to keep two projects on the machine, after the CPID has been matched you could suspend the secound project.
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : 12884 WU was setting at 0% (Message 5684)
Posted 4056 days ago by paperdragon
The work unit: 12884 was setting at 0%. When I restarted BOINC, it went to 100% and reported.

This work unit looks like it is on the long, slow road to erroring out on too many results issued.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Getting Too Many Invalid Results - No Credit (Message 2298)
Posted 4378 days ago by paperdragon
Would the computers be getting re-booted, for any reason. This would cause the same problem.

By any chance where they running on the Win98 computers? Since this OS does not support services, if you where to log out of the computer BOINC would stop.
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Power Hic up, long running work unit restarted. (Message 2285)
Posted 4381 days ago by paperdragon
No credits, It got invalided.

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