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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Two CPID (Message 9213)
Posted 1289 days ago by Profile Ananas
Oh, you have two accounts on the same project - I thought you were trying to combine several CPIDs on different projects, so they appear as one account on the stats pages.

I'm afraid there is no way to combine those two accounts within the SZTAKI project, sorry :-/
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Two CPID (Message 9210)
Posted 1304 days ago by Profile Ananas
Your two cross project accounts will merge without doing anything on the web sites. Your hosts exchange them between the projects and they will at some point become one single stats account, but only

- if your EMail that you used for all projects is exactly the same (it can be changed from your account page)

- if your hosts take part in multiple projects and there is a connection through your hosts to all projects

The second condition does not mean that one host has to be connected to all projects, something like this will work too (it just takes more time) :

Project1 <-> Host1 <-> Project2 <-> Host2 <-> Project3

This is an example for a not working constellation :

Project1 <-> Host1 <-> Project2 (no connection here) Project3 <-> Host2 <-> Project4

It might help speed up the exchange by enforcing server contact to projects that you are currently not crunching for.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Zeta don't validate properly (Message 8259)
Posted 1622 days ago by Profile Ananas
What will happen with the results where 1 of the 3 outcomes is inconclusive, aborted by user, error etc. I see those WU's haven't been handed out to a 4th user.

The quorum setting for Zeta is 2, i.e. 2 valid ones make the server happy.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Zeta mistakenly are estimated run time (Message 8255)
Posted 1629 days ago by Profile Ananas
I came here to report the same but I think I know the reason.

When a result restarts, it uses a proper checkpoint to resume the calculation but it doesn't include the CPU time from before the restart.

That means that all hosts that do not have "Leave applications in memory while suspended? = YES" set in the computing preferences will report only a fraction of the computing time for any result that has been interrupted.

As Zetas seem to have a very constant runtime, it might be easier to configure fixed credits for them instead of fixing the problem ;-)

p.s.: My hosts keep suspended results in memory and when I restarted a core client, the two active Zeta results restarted at the expected percentage but with zero CPU time - and those are my only two Zetas where the total runtime was reported too low. That's what brings me to this conclusion.

p.p.s.: SLinCA has exactly the same bug so if you decide to fix it instead of using a workaround, you could probably share your solution with them. The two projects seem to be connected somehow.
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Zeta don't validate properly (Message 8248)
Posted 1640 days ago by Profile Ananas
testing something ...

edit : trying URL stuff as it worked for me in the thread start

edit2 : URLs work when you post without any URL and then edit your posting to add the URL. I guess this is done on purpose as it makes it really hard even for a smart messageboard robot to post spam.
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Zeta don't validate properly (Message 8244)
Posted 1644 days ago by Profile Ananas
Rounding differences or so? You might have to link+supply a specific version of the VC runtime DLL in order to have the same rounding policies across all windows versions.

p.s.: Zeta is missing in the list of selectable application types (project settings)
7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : 64 bit applications (Message 8023)
Posted 2802 days ago by Profile Ananas
There is a GCC x64 cross compiler package (MinGW, e.g. x86_64-w64-mingw32) for win32, so the project devs would not need to install a Win x64 in order to create programs for it.

RNAWorld uses such a thing.
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Hacked APP? (Message 8018)
Posted 2823 days ago by Profile Ananas
Xeon 5420 has no HT and does not support more than 2 physical CPUs (resulting in a total of 8 cores).

It might be some virtualisation thing if the operating system sees more, or he is using a small patch for the core client because some project doesn't give him enough work (this is what I believe he has, the benchmark result looks not really calculated, more like a configured value). The benchmark values are not high though, that box would even have higher values if it did calculate the benchmark

His RAC is realistic for this box, not looking weird to me.
9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7327)
Posted 3532 days ago by Profile Ananas
All fine with me as long as it is optional - and it can and should be the default. I did understand the intention for organizing it in this new way.

A plain .zip file, all core client options (directories, users if needed) in a configuration file as an optional(!) \"on your own risk\" distribution would be my distribution though. I\'m old (and experienced) enough to take care for myself :-)

p.s.: And of course I will not blame anyone but myself if I would fall on a malicious project, that\'s understood.
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Unit duration, what happened? (Message 7324)
Posted 3533 days ago by Profile Ananas
I asked my ISP to wait for the end of a line before crashing the DNS server ;-)

BOINC 6 (i.e. BOINC Vista) seems not to be so desirable for other reasons. I like to keep control over a program - a simple \"unzip\" installer should do for a program like BOINC and it should stay in the place where I want it to be, not making excessive use of the registry, leaving system directories completely alone.

A program that creates additional users, directories outside of its home and wants to make me behave in this or that way - stuff like that I have enough at work, don\'t need it for my boxes at home that run nothing but DC projects.

Thanks for the informations, I guess I\'ll have to pause this project for another few months until this problem is fixed. I will finish the WU that I\'m just working on though.

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