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Posted 4481 days ago by jrlecker
How about having some sort of translation website link, so that way people can easily be able to go from one language to another, posted somewhere on the site? Either internal or external site... Anyone with any ones that they use and work fairly accurate?

Oh, not just a dictonary type, but more like phrases or paragraphs...
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : 3/10/2006 12:50:55 AM||Using earliest-deadline-first scheduling because computer is overcommitted. (Message 2253)
Posted 4481 days ago by jrlecker
Personally, I\'ve never had a problem with overcommitment because I am attached to multiple projects and therefore have the ability to set my cache at a very low amount, typically .1 to .5 days, depending on the machine. And if for some reason one of my projects gets low on raw data, it will just make an \"unexpected\" call to the server for more work.

If you just want to crunch for one project only, then maybe setting the cache higher is good in case of any downtime, but still .5 to a day should be plenty of work. I think in the 6 months in the 5 projects I\'ve been in, I\'ve only seen a project down longer then a day twice - once was scheduled, and the other was due to a complete power loss.

And just a few random thoughts, but if you have your cache set over 4 - 5 days when the due date for these workunits is 4 or 5 days, how do you expect to be able to crunch all of those downloaded units during that time? Also, being a new(er) user means that ALL of your computer stats are very \"unstable\" meaning that they may not as accurate as others, therefore giving you either too much or not enough work then what you would like in your cache.

Final thought - Since Adam has been trying to INCREASE the time of workunits over the past month or so doesn\'t mean that the server will automatically know that your computer won\'t be able to handle as many, so it will still download what it feels it needs. If you begin to see this you may want to lower your cache some to compensate until the stats start becoming more stable.

This is just what works for me. So it may not work for everyone, but may be a good guideline to finding your own solution...
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : I want my credits (Message 2200)
Posted 4485 days ago by jrlecker
Thanks a bunch!!

Ok, I noticed that my hosts has been granted the credits for the WU, but my total credit didn\'t update. Is there a reason for this?

From my account page:
Total credit 261.69
Recent average credit 14.67

wisdom 12.14 383.67
JoshyLaptop 5.40 77.28
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : I want my credits (Message 2111)
Posted 4492 days ago by jrlecker

The Maxium number of errors figure(not Total Errors) is the maximum number of errors allowed. If of the 6 Workunits sent out more than 3 are in error then the test has to be rerun.
The Maxium number of Total figure (not Total Success) is the total number of workunits sent out.
The Maxium number of Success Results (not Stated Total Results) is the maximum total number of results they will wait for that are a success before declare a result, they will also declare a result if it times out and they have got three or more positive results.

For this line???
max # of error/total/success results 3, 6, 6
errors Too many total results

I think you may be talking about the lines above it. (And yes I did switch the last two in my initial go-through, but I did that on purpose to better state my intentions. And since they\'re both the same number now anyways...)

2 things. First, what does it mean when it says \"Workunit error - check skipped\" as a validation state ( ). Two of us lost over a hundred credits because of this.

Also, after thinking about it, I answered my first question. The \"Workunit error - check skipped\" message is because of this reason. There are too many results for this individual workunit that were sent out, so the validator marked it as an error and gave it a zero credit. I think :)
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : I want my credits (Message 2094)
Posted 4493 days ago by jrlecker

2 things. First, what does it mean when it says \"Workunit error - check skipped\" as a validation state ( ). Two of us lost over a hundred credits because of this.

Second, I dunno if this will help any, but I\'ve noticed that a couple of results now have a too many total results error. - The one above is one. I was just thinking, shouldn\'t the total number of max errors + the total number of success results be equal to the total results. In other words (for the result above):
Total errors: 3
Total Success: 6
Stated Total Results: 6

Shouldn\'t it be 9??? Or is there still more to this picture that I\'m missing.


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