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1) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS WORK UNIT (Message 619)
Posted 4670 days ago by koerni
What you mean with "Homogeneous Redundancy"?
For me it looks like i do not know why the results are different,
but i accept them both as right.
Only sense for different workunits for different platforms makes
if they calculate different things amd so you can save resources for
writing the "same" software different platforms, but not because
of sientific reasons.
To relax restrictions in validating is the right way as long as you
know that the result is still correct, because differences have a resaon.
On the other hand you need to relax the restrictions because if there
are differences you can not trust on the correctness of the results
and the believed precision of the result you have to correct the same way.

What a luck to have differents platforms.
2) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credit for a correct WU (Message 614)
Posted 4670 days ago by koerni
That what you say is wrong!
Why you say that windows clients are or should be used for
validating only?
Why you think that only the windows clients give the right result?
What about if the windows clients would be wrong
and just because of the numbers of windows-hosts you have more results
of windows?
If 2 linux-clients produce the same results then you have to accept this
as correct the same way.
If there is a difference between different clients then it has
an other reason.
Different clients work different and even on diffrent machines
it can be possible to have different results.
It depends on the algorithm for calculation (and on the machines precision)
and its implementation.
For algorithm you need to calculate how precise the result can be.
That means you need to proof mathematically how many of the digits in the
result can be accepted as correct and for the rest you have to
say it is it not possible to say it is correct, because of rounding errors,
which are depending on the algorithm too.
The are many influences which can produce differnt results.
Faulty algorithm, wrong implematation, wrong accepted precision of the result
which means wrong validating.
But where the differenes are based on exactly i can not tell you,
But to want to accept just the results of the mostly used cleints is not
An other question:
Can you find any result which is validated for windows- amd
linux-clients at the same time?
If not how you want to say then which one is right?

So lets do that job from SZTAKI-members because they know better
how they can solve that, because they know best what they need to have
calculated and about the software they offer us to use.
Tthey are mostly interested in solving that, because they need proofed

Our credits are secondary for the sience, but if right results are not
validated it looks that there is somethign wrong.

My personal opinion:
The wrong but easier way would be to send work units only
to the same clients.
But not to know why they produce different results is not good
because you are not sure of the correctness of the results.
If you know why they are different then you can validate them
and give credits for the same way.
3) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credit for a correct WU (Message 491)
Posted 4676 days ago by koerni
All the examples here have the same validation problems like the ones in that thread:

If a linux client is validated first then the windows clients get no credit.
If a windows client gets credits first then the linux clients get none.

Click the hostnumbers(Számítógép) and check it.
4) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Validator Bug or application bug? (Message 451)
Posted 4677 days ago by koerni
And that one with 3 times Windows 0 credits Linux with credits:
Linux-machine was faster.

Other results with 0 credits which i found and where not
from different platforms had an error in the result, like that:
5) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Validator Bug or application bug? (Message 450)
Posted 4677 days ago by koerni
I have one result which credits and 4 others without.
Host 1707

What i saw is that if the clients running on windows got credits
then clients with linux got none.
If the linux clients got credits then the windows clients got none.

I have WUIDs where 4 got credits and.
The one sending back later got credits too.

This one which i did not the sent back first bur got credits..

An other example
the one with 0 is running linux the others Windows.

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