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Posted 4110 days ago by Ram Raider

Thanks for all your hard work.

How long before we see the claimed credit in our totals for our account. I noticed that the sum of my computers does not match the overall total.

Total credit on account page: 6,602.60
Total of my 6 computers: 9,292,31

Shouldn\'t those match?

I checked 3 other projects and all of them have the total credits equal to the sum of the individual computers. There appears to be a problem with the website updates.

Yes. Me too. My total credit on account page is 4745.93 but total for my 8 computers is 7763.54. Moroever, after the purging I got only less than 1 credit on the account page but I think I should have 1000+ pending credit.

Same problems here. I had well over 2000 credits pending and got less than 1!

The computers totals do not match the total credits on the account page either.

I just hope all that effort was not wasted.

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