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Posted 1592 days ago by Yacob
Dear all,
my jobs with the application NumSys Search 2.06 seem to be restarted after I suspend them because I returned to use the computer.
When the computation is resumed, the progression bar starts again, and it seems the job starts from scratch too.
Therefore, if a job needs 3 hours of computation, after 1.5 h and paused, it starts again from 0 when resumed. And if I do the same, it starts again, and again and again... Now I have a workunit that have been running 12 hours with several stops. When now I see it is going to finish with just 3 in a row.
Somebody with the same problem?

I am running SZTAKI in a computer with:
- lenovo ThinkPad intel core i7 vPro
- windows 7
- boinc 7.0.64 (x64)


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