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1) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credits because of too many total results (Message 711)
Posted 4634 days ago by Joe
634, 854, 1126, 1622, 1628
2) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credit for a correct WU (Message 568)
Posted 4645 days ago by Joe
This is a issue with the boinc platform. Most of the other projects match wu with operating system i think. If you are running an operating systen different than the first completed wu thats given credit and you are interested in credit, you might as well dump the wu cause you ain't getting any credit for it.
3) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 11 Dim. WU, Change Deadline? (Message 567)
Posted 4645 days ago by Joe
I thought the idea behind long deadlines was to allow people like me, those with machines who are on a slow dial up connection to participate in the projects. I have one machine that I may not get to for months to connect to the server and I have one on DSL. For the rest, because I often do not get to them for a week or two, projects with short very deadlines just are not an option. I simply do not have the time or the inclination to be fighting with a slow dial up every day in multiple locations to return results to some friggin dc project. I like to think I have a little better life than that.. haha

I am at a loss to understand why projects with a low number of hosts that dont analyaze the results for months think that very short deadlines benefit them. I would think that allowing the maxium number of hosts would the benefit the project more in the long run than a few hosts.

At one time the idea behind distributed computing seemed to be to allow an average person to participate regardless of whether they were using a slow machine on dial up or a super fast machine that was always connected to the internet. But now seems that distributed computing (on the BOINC platform at least) is just for those with the fastest machines and connections. A pity in my opinion

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