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Posted 4216 days ago by Biggles
The new apps with SSE2 have really damaged the credit. Look at this example.

I completed a work unit using the old SSE app, and it took ages, nearly two days on a heavily overclocked AMD Athlon X2. I claimed 1,086 credits for that time. Quorum was only met when run again with the newer app. It completes in around 1/3rd of the time on a much much slower computer. And I lose out on ~1,000 credits because of that.

It\'s not that I\'ve cheated and didn\'t deserve a lot of credit. It\'s that the new app is much quicker.

And that example is just one of many. I\'m increasingly less likely to ever run SZTAKI again now. I have ~5,900 pending credits. I\'ll be interested to know how many I actually get in the end. I\'d had as much as 12,000 pending at one point. 6,000 is no longer pending and I\'ve received 654 out of that. I\'m getting 1/10th of what I claimed due to the new app.

What an utter waste of the weeks of CPU time I spent running SZTAKI for. That\'s not to mention the wasted time spent on work units that error out. Really not happy.
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Posted 4240 days ago by Biggles
The 2.01 client is a whole lot faster than 2.00. That\'s good. What\'s not so good is that it means the quorum for some of my pending work units is being met a whole lot quicker and I\'m getting a lot less credit than I would have done if we stuck with the old client.

I have several thousand pending credits. I\'ll be lucky to get a thousand in all, despite the many many hours I contributed on high end hardware.
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Posted 4267 days ago by Biggles
So I guess my question is, how long, exactly, does it take for credit for completed work units to become available for stat reporting sites like BOINCstats? A month? A year?

It becomes available almost immediately. The problem is it is taking forever to get credit granted on SZTAKI. Once the credit is actually granted it will show up in the next stats update.
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Posted 4269 days ago by Biggles
I have a couple of observations. The first is that as an AMD user, I\'m very hard done to. Take a look at this work unit. Firstly, I know I\'m somewhat overclaiming since that machine still has 5.5.0 on it, but I reckon that for a 2.3 GHz Athlon XP that spent the best part of two days solid crunching that I deserve more than 103 credits. I feel bad for the guy with the Athlon 64 that spent longer than I did and got the same amount.

To that end, I\'d enforce the platform thing, so that people got fair credit.

I\'m also a bit miffed about this result. I persevered for 4 days, with it slowly creeping up towards completion, and then all of a sudden it fails. That\'s not cool, it\'s not my computer\'s fault. I\'d be happy to run this project if I got a decent return from it. I donate my computer power for free, all I ask in return is credits.

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