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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No credit? (Message 6514)
Posted 3970 days ago by Fritz
WUID 538791

3 results returned. Each shows the same report
Each shows validate state as Initial

2 results have 13.7 credit granted. The 3rd result shows 0 credit granted. The third result is one day later than the other 2, but that appears to be the only difference.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Credits without crunched WUs (Message 5862)
Posted 4120 days ago by Fritz
The RAC may be updating only when you report a result. I see this behavior in several projects.

Also the BoincStats reporting tends to lag behind the various projects as BoincStats needs to wait for reports from the projects.
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Workunit error - check skipped (Message 5792)
Posted 4126 days ago by Fritz
[quote]In my opinion a WU shouldn\'t be considered erroneous if the cruncher doesn\'t reply within the deadline

This one is compounded by another problem I\'m seeing across various projects. The server downloads a WU, but the client never receives it. From what others have posted I think that this happens when the connection is having problems & the BOINC client times out the connection before the download takes place, but after the server starts the download process.

What you then get is a ghost \"In Progress\" WU that is listed in your results, but was not received by your computer.

This is a BOINC problem, but it just adds another error to the list of possible screwups for this project.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Too Many successes & all report validate skipped due to error (Message 5528)
Posted 4164 days ago by Fritz
Yep I try to keep comp up 24/7 and do have the \"Leave app in memory\" on. Still lose one now and again due to updates & occasionally the cat.

Was just bringing this one up as it is fairly new & I missed the checkpointing error when I looked at it.

Still getting too many successes all with error state returns is an interesting result. Validate Skipped due to error should cause the result to be changed to error.

Hopefully this will get fixed someday. Til then these WUs will need to be crunched by machines that are able to finish without interruption. With the incorrect return status they will be ashcanned due to \"too many successes\".
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Too Many successes & all report validate skipped due to error (Message 5517)
Posted 4165 days ago by Fritz
WU #56837

This WU has been returned with a SUCCESS result 6 times.
Each of the Successes has Validate skipped for a result.
Credit granted is 0 to all 6 with reason given being too many successful results.

This one should be looked at to see what happened.
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Host with 1,348 WUs?!? (Message 5512)
Posted 4166 days ago by Fritz
OK. I\'ve been waiting for an update, but it hasn\'t come. So, I\'ll give mine.

The host in question is running Linux. The 686 flavor Linux. It looks like this guy has several machines, all from the same image. I\'ve found the hosts on Seti, and I\'m sure he\'s elsewhere. Thing is, except for one machine with 0.04 credits, none of his 686 on a Deschutes has ANY credits. Why? Probably because he should be running the 386, plain vanilla version. If I recall correctly, I beileve the 686 is for P3 and above. I have found a few machines on here that are running the 386 code on P2s, with no problems.

This guy is still picking up WUs from here. He\'s up to 1853 WUs, and still counting. Fortunately, he\'s only able to get 1 to 2 WUs a day.

This WU is my oldest still pending. It\'s from September.

It\'s ancient history now, but under the old naming system Pentium=586 & Pentium II was the 686. So it\'s possible that he just installed what he thinks is a match for his CPU and has never bothered to look at the results. Perhaps a few emails from the admins at the various projects he\'s signed up for may get the correct version of BOINC installed.
7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Host with 1,348 WUs?!? (Message 5511)
Posted 4166 days ago by Fritz
I\'ve got at least one of the affected WUs on my list ... his is due to age out in a couple of hours.

Down to 1108 WUs waiting to age out. Currently gaining an average of 1 a day so that number will fall quickly to around 28 as the January deadline WUs age.

Average Turnaround time 28 days
Total Credit 0
Recent Average Credit 0

700+ listed now as No Reply
0 listed as completed with success or error
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Something a bit odd here ... (Message 5359)
Posted 4187 days ago by Fritz
This result:

...provided the third result of a quorum; but for some reason the credit generator gives credit to the other two and gives me zero. Is there a bug here?

This bug is still around

Completed twice in October. Given out as new work in November & December. I completed this one Dec, third to return a valid result ... credit given 17.37/17.37/0

Nice to know it was valid result, but no credit to those who are given the third vote seems odd,

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