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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : No New Tasks until Credits Get Granted! (Message 6077)
Posted 3990 days ago by Richard Maths 1
I keep wondering when Adam will make some comments of what is happening with this project. There have been problems with credit, pending credits, etc. etc.
Many people are writing messages and not getting answers.

I would like to return to Sztaki - I look everyday!! to see if anything is being done about the problems and only see more messages of problems.

The last time I returned a WU was 15 November 2006. (other than the one I tried yesterday when I had nothing to do - now it is pending)

Last year, before all the problems came up, I was running Sztaki and PrimeGrid almost exclusively. I really like the project that Sztaki has, but I will not waste my time on something that is not working.

Adam, look at the numbers!!! At one time there were many, many more active CPU\'s working for this project. Many, including me, would come back if we knew that things were being fixed.

I have been a member since 16 August 2005.

Maybe Adam is not with this project anymore??


2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Host with 1,348 WUs?!? (Message 5398)
Posted 4088 days ago by Richard Maths 1
You might want to look at the below host:

He has 1,348 WUs, and not a single returned WU. These go back to 12 Dec 2006 16:21:54 UTC. This might be where all the problems are stemming from, with WUs either aborted by the user, or missing deadline.

My comment:
-- Now at 1663 WU\'s and going up every day.

As I can\'t EVER see even a very fast machine crunching all of these WUs by deadline, and he\'s running this on a GenuineIntel Pentium II (Deschutes) with 1 CPU with 566.33 MB of memory, I would consider these WUs basically dead. Even though the first one won\'t hit deadline until 9 Jan 2007 16:21:54 UTC. That means 8 more days until the system sees that the WUs will need to be re-issued, and then they have to queue up. To me, this amount of WUs looks suspicious.

My next comment:

The deadline of the last group is now Feb.3. And everyone of them will miss the deadline - none are being processed!

Anyone having the same WU\'s will have to wait a long time before any of these get reissued so that they may get credit.
And just think of the \"science\" being lost to this time delay.

At a rate of at least 50 WU\'s each day added to the above number of 1663, the total will be about 3300 WU\'s with the last ones with a deadline of about Feb.28.

And just think how long it will be before these are reissued and processed...
Then there is always the possibility that this same computer will pick them up again.

Help!! Any comments? Anyone that can do something about this out there?

End of my comments.

You might want to talk to the Admin at RenderFarm@Home. He installed a way for users to get WUs, but not too many at a time. Might help out the problems here. For me, I get 4 WUs at a time. Spreads out the WUs among the users, and ensures that no one should be able to do this type of thing.

Hope this helps.

3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Host with 1,348 WUs?!? (Message 5395)
Posted 4089 days ago by Richard Maths 1
I was wrong about this one:


It is picking up 50 or so WU\'s a day, Not 10 as I said before.

Right now it is at 1597, an increase of 55 since my last note.

This person has 10 computers.

This computer is the only active one for Sztaki and its only contacting Sztaki for more WU\'s every day and not getting any credit for any that it may be processing (it is my opinion that it is not processing any at all - but I have not had time to dig down through 1500 WU\'s listed to find out.)

Adam or someone needs to look at this since this one computer is holding up the credits for many others.
Somebody could be processing these 1597 WU\'s for the project.

4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Host with 1,348 WUs?!? (Message 5388)
Posted 4090 days ago by Richard Maths 1
This computer

is now up to 1542 WU\'s
and is picking up 10 Wu\'s each day it is turned on.

And has O.00 credits total. Posssibly none of the WU\'s worked on - just over ran the deadline.

So for all the others that are waiting for their pending credits on these 1542 WU\'s, it will be a long time coming. :-(

It looks as if the person has not checked this particular computer for its production.

Is there any way for the project to contact this person?

If there is a way to stop that computer from getting any more WU\'s and possibly gettng those Wu\'s back into circulation, it may help the project.

I wonder if there are other computers doing the same. No wonder the pending credits are being held up.

5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : why no credit on this WU -->181697 (Message 5106)
Posted 4108 days ago by Richard Maths 1
Why did two people get credit and I did not?
Mine says invalid. Why would it be invalid?


6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : what does quorum of 3 mean? (Message 5076)
Posted 4111 days ago by Richard Maths 1
Today this one disappeared from my pending list.
It has three of us pending credit.
What is its status? and will we get credit?


7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 3763)
Posted 4238 days ago by Richard Maths 1
I\'ve cancelled all of the WUs, of which no result has been sent out so far. About 13000 WUs remained that I couldn\'t cancel, because they are already being crunched. After these run out, I can decrease the lines of the WUs to be crunched.

I would like to see WU\'s that run about 2 to 3 hours.
This would give me some \"room\" to run two other projects on my one computer.
Thanks for your consideration of this.

8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 7) (Message 3705)
Posted 4247 days ago by Richard Maths 1
I asked about having a program to speed up the processing of these long WU\'s 5 days ago in another thread.

We now have about 9000 computers reporting about 100 WU\'s in two days (48 hours). This number of Wu\'s being reported is going down rapidly. (maybe the number will go up a month or two? when the deadline approaches.)

I have a feeling that each higher dimention WU will take longer to process, so we need an optimized program.

Any comments or help on the above will be appreciated.

9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : About AkosF. optimised applications.. (Message 3648)
Posted 4252 days ago by Richard Maths 1
1.x applications are incompatible with the new WUs, so don\'t use them, cause they\'ll fail computing new WUs.

We\'re in touch with Akos Fekete and we\'ll release optimized applications officially.


Need some news from you..

Where is Akos when we need him?

Present WU\'s take too long and I\'m conserned that if I let one go a long time, it may not be valid.

So I\'m aborting any of the long ones.

Others must be doing the same since I see a lot of Client errors on the ones I abort.

So generating a lot of WU\'s is not the solution (I just saw 69,000 new ones available).

With about 9000 computers working and only about 800 results being turned in during a 48 hour period,i tdoes not seem too productive using the present WU\'s.

Adam: So we need the good news / bad news and definitely any news from you.

I\'m suspending this project until we hear from you.

10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : New applications 1.13 - 1.14 online - Feedback (Message 3274)
Posted 4279 days ago by Richard Maths 1
When we try to get more wus, we get the famous message \"no work sent, there was work but it was commited to other platforms\".

edit : though i have an idea about

I can now predict that I will not get any WU\'s - a continuation of the problem that I had before. So now I will only get the message \"no work sent, there was work but it was commited to other platforms\" from this project.

Last time I watched the recycling of the WU\'s between people that downloaded too many and could not process them in the time limit. It was around 30,000 for a long time then finally got down to 4000 at the end before Adam deleted those 4000.

Right now it is around 30,000 being processed. With a little search, one can find computers that have a large amount of them. And with the 2 day deadline and a short run time, I see that the process of recycling will be the norm.

I suggest that no more WU\'s be created until those 30,000 get processed.

I do not believe I\'m the only one getting the message \"no work sent, there was work but it was commited to other platforms\".

I really would like to crunch for this project (one of my two favorites) as I have for a long time.

Adam, do you have any suggestions for how I can do this?


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